An exciting sequel to successful FNAF novel called The Silver Eyes is coming, and it’s coming quick. June 27th is the release date for the sequel named The Twisted Ones. Not much is known about the book besides the title, the cover, and the short description. This book will be available on Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

The Twisted Ones will still follow the story of Charlie, the main character and daughter of the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. Continuing off The Silver Eyes, Charlie will be trying to forget the haunting past of Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. However, the description states that, “Charlie thinks her ordeal is over, but when a series of bodies are discovered near her school-bearing wounds that are disturbingly familiar- she finds herself drawn back into the world of her father’s frightening creations.”

The original novel, The Silver Eyes

The description goes onto say that something “twisted” is hunting down Charlie. This leaves much room for speculation for the readers and fans of this beloved series. Why is this novel called The Silver Eyes? What is hunted her that is considered twisted? Will this novel end up being partially canon like the original book? Why is Nightmare, the secret animatronic from the game FNAF 4, on the cover of The Twisted Ones?

My thoughts would be that the “twisted” thing hunting Charlie could be either mental or physical. Could it be her own thoughts, her nightmares, or could it be something physical and tangible? If the readers of the original novel The Silver Eyes played the latest game of the FNAF series, Sister Location, they would have seen that the book had pieces of it that ended up being canon, despite Scott’s claims that the book was not canon to the actual games series. For example, William Afton, the co owner to Freddy Fazbear’s pizza, was in fact canon to the series as he appeared in Sister Location. As for Nightmare being on the cover, this could possibly confirm that the “twisted” thing chasing Charlie could in fact be a nightmare, just as the animatronic Nightmare was.

Nightmare from the game FNAF 4

There is still a lot of guesswork for the readers of this book series to figure out; however, all the answers will truly be revealed when the book is released this summer. This novel could answer questions that fans have been dying to know, but it could also add many factors to the equation that could lead into another novel, game, or even the upcoming movie.