As of yesterday, at the Toy Fair NY, new Five Nights at Freddy’s toys by Funko were revealed to be released. These new toys also include the characters from the latest FNAF game, Sister Location.

These new toys include 2 inch collectible toys. The characters from this new wave of toys are from Sister Location and FNAF 4.

More action figures are also being released, this time from the cast of Sister Location. Similar to the other waves of articulated figures released, there is a buildable character included in this wave. This time, it is Ennard. The previous buildable characters included Springtrap and Nightmarionne. However, on Funko’s website, there is not a confirmed release date. It only says at the bottom of the page, “Coming soon.”

Other toys include the Mystery Minis and even new Pop Vinyl figures, both including the characters from FNAF 4 and Sister Location. But it makes you wonder… where are the exotic butters?

All kidding aside, these new toys are pretty exciting. The only character that truly seems to be missing is Nightmare Fredbear when it comes to the plushies and the articulated action figures. Considering he is the center of FNAF 4, one would think he would be included in more than just the Mystery Minis.

One other thing that is being released that wasn’t mentioned on Funko’s website was the Sister Location plushies spotted at a booth. However, a release date for these plushies has not been confirmed either. A picture of the new plushies can be seen here:

Overall, all of these new toys seem really exciting and it’s a great thing they are bringing in the new Sister Location characters. It is definitely something to look forward to!