f =Sister Location, the latest game release in the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, left a lot of questions to be theorized and determined by the fans of the game. After the custom night was released for the game, this brought a whole storm of unanswered questions that could possibly lead into another game.

Let’s analyze what actually happened in the custom night cutscenes. The way to access every cutscene is to beat every challenge on very hard mode. The way to get the very last cutscene of the game is to beat Golden Freddy mode on very hard, the hardest challenge in the entire custom night.

Custom night menu screen

(Spoiler Alert!)

The cutscenes all leading up to the final cutscene feature a pixelated-style neighborhood with happy neighbors waving as another man joyfully walks down the street. This man can be assumed to be the infamous purple guy. As each cutscene progresses, this man seems to become more rotted and decaying, until he eventually becomes purple and zombie-like. The neighbors seemed concerned and are even hiding behind their houses watching him in fear.

The final pixelated cutscene featured this purple man stopping on the sidewalk and puking up robot parts that seem to favor Ennard, so we can assume that Ennard has been living in his body. The purple man collapses, and then a voice echoes saying, “We won’t die.”

Moments later, he stands up and his eyes glow, indicating his body is possessed. Then, we can see Ennard in the sewer, watching.
How do we know this is Ennard? In the final night of Sister Location, the player ends up in the scooping room and gets “scooped”, or has their insides taken out by a machine so it is just skin. We can see Ennard standing behind the glass, which leads us to believe that he it is the one operating the machine.

Ennard looking into the scooping room.

When the player finally beats Golden Freddy mode on very hard, they receive a cutscene with voice acting. The first line starts with, “Father, its me, Michael.” The voice actor continues to speak about finding something right where the father said it would be. He talks about how he should be dead, but he cannot die. He finally leaves off with saying he is going to come find the father. As the cutscene continues, we can spot a sign that reads “Fazbear’s Fright” in the distance. At the last few seconds of the cutscene, we can see Springtrap popping in from the right side of the camera.

What can we take from this? First, let’s look at the first line. “Father, its me, Michael.” If this is Springtrap speaking, which at this point would only make sense, then Springtrap is in fact, not the killer. William Afton is the name of the murderer, and this is Michael speaking. This would mean that Michael would be the son of William Afton. If this all lines up correctly, then Springtrap would actually be the son of William, and the purple man from all the games would actually be Michael. Michael, or purple guy, cannot die because he was scooped and was alive through Ennard, then Ennard left his body and he was repossessed, and then he was crushed by the springlocks of Springtrap and is possessed by his soul and lives through Springtrap. So in reality, he truly cannot die.

So what does this mean for FNAF? There could possibly be another game coming up, considering the way Sister Location ended. Could the next game be about Springtrap finding his father? That is definitely a possibility. What will happen to Springtrap after that?

That is a question that certainly needs to be answered.
However, there is a book coming out this summer, FNAF: The Twisted Ones, that could answer some of these questions as the first book, The Silver Eyes, turned out to be partially canon to the storyline from the games.

Sister Location has been out for a bit now, so it would be interesting to see what Scott Cawthon, the creator of FNAF, does to continue the cliffhanger he had left off in Sister Location. Hopefully this book will lead into a future game so we can continue the storyline and see where all the unanswered questions take us.

With so much Sister Location toys and merchandise coming out lately, it would be very hard to believe that series would just be over like that. It just feels a bit incomplete, like there needs to be more to truly wrap up the story of FNAF.

I believe there will be a future game featuring Springtrap that continues the story of where this cutscene left off. I also believe this upcoming book could lead into this possible next game. We will just have to see what Scott has in mind for the series in the near future.