An article has surfaced on Reddit talking about a game originating on the deep web called the “Box Game.” It is not sure to be either an urban legend or a very scary truth. It seems a bit absurd to be a truthful game rather than an urban legend; however, scary and strange this do exist on the deep web.

The person who created this Reddit article said they had been searching the deep web and found a warning of sorts in a forum from a man named Dr. Ed Greene, the man who claims to have created the Box Game. The full warning message can be read on the Reddit article that was posted.

The premise of the game is that an artificial intellegence named ADINN is living inside this mysterious box. This A.I. will have a conversation with the player and try to convince them to let it out of the box. This conversation will go on for two hours. If the player chooses not to respond, then the box will automatically be opened. Therefore, the player has a time limit to respond to this A.I.

If the box is opened, this A.I. will spread itself all across private networks at an incredibly rapid pace. This A.I. can hack these private networks and even different defense systems and take over.

SomeOrdinaryGamers, a Youtuber who typically covers things from the deep web, recently covered this story and gave his analysis on it. However, this Box Game does not seem to have much popularity.

My analysis on whether this is a very truthful game lurking on the deep web or just a simple urban legend is that it seems a bit too much to be a truth. If getting the box to open is so simple, wouldn’t it have logically been opened many times already? Why haven’t we heard of it already? It seems a bit too obscure of a story to be something that would be taking over defense systems and private networks all over the world.

There has been a bit of speculation on the game, and different people have their different opinions on whether this game is real or a myth. However, I would NOT recommend seeking out to find it on your own, as the deep web can be a very dangerous and illegal place.

Overall, this Box Game seems to be a myth, but there is no way to find out for sure until there is proof of someone playing and completing the game. However, the news of this Box Game seems to be fairly new, so we will just have to wait and see if proof will arise of somebody actually playing the game for themselves.