Sally Face is an adventure game that was released on Steam for the PC on December 14th, 2016. However, the game is still in development as there is only one “episode” to the game released. This game has a very positive rating with a 9/10. But what makes this game so popular and well liked?

This game is not only an adventure, but mixes in elements of horror and suspense as well. The story follows a boy named Sal, or as others call him, Sally Face. He is called this due to the mysterious prosthetic mask he wears over his face. This game allows for lots of exploration, but also has very dark undertones and meaning to it as well. Sally Face and his father move into a new apartment after the mom mysteriously dies, but a murder took place in this apartment the day before. Sally Face and his new friend, Larry, end up framing a man in the apartment for the murder. This game allows a lot of wiggle room for players to fill in the pieces to the mystery of the story.


Sally Face has a particularly creepy and cartoon-like style. It has even been compared to the game Fran Bow in style. This unique and creepy art style sets an unsettling aura to the game and really gives a creepy, dark atmosphere as if something is off or wrong. The characters are memorable and distinct, which allows players to more easily get a connection to each character and their personalities. The music also goes along with the style and plot of the game as well and definitely sets the mood of unsettling and creepiness to the game.

Besides the main storyline to the game, there is a secret side quest a player can achieve by following certain steps to get to it. This secret side mission, which is surrounded by Sally Face’s “Gear Boy”, will reveal a bit more about the plot of the story that the player otherwise would not have known. There are many steps to do to be able to get the Gear Boy functional and working so the secret can be revealed, but it is most certainly worth checking out.

Sal’s working Gear Boy.

This game has plenty of attributes that make it a quality game and one worth experiencing for yourself. Although the game is still in development, it is captivating and interesting as it is. However, the plot is sure to thicken when more episodes to the game are released. This game is a must-play for fans of mystery, suspense, adventure, and horror.