A new game was released on February 10, 2017 on Gamejolt called Bendy and the Ink Machine. It seems to take inspiration from old Disney animations and storyboards. This horror game brings in elements of puzzle, problem solving, and action. This game currently is just a demo; however, the game has already risen in popularity with songs being made about it, fan art, and many walk-throughs of the game already being made.

The art style is what makes it more of a stand out game. The inspiration from the old time Disney animations is very obvious, so players already have a connection in their heads to the style since most people are familiar with Disney. They can feel the game is more relatable since they understand where the inspiration for the game and the style is coming from.


The demo features a puzzle that the player must complete in order to get the Ink Machine running and functional. Adding puzzles to horror can be a challenge, since there must be a balance of both to keep the game from getting too difficult to play through. This game has the right amount of puzzle, logic, and horror to keep the player’s attention. The game also features jumpscares that lie throughout the cartoon drawn building, waiting to pop out as you are scanning the area for particular items. This can actually make the atmosphere even more creepy and the jumpscares more unexpected.

At the end of the demo, there is a chase scene where the player can finally run throughout the building and get that surge or adrenaline rush that makes any horror game a good one. There seems to be a bit of everything in the game, which makes it a very fresh and new take on horror.

The game also has distinct characters that makes the game recognizable. The characters are black and white and once again, favor the characters from the old Disney animations. This allows players to already have a connection and a sense of nostalgia when it comes to seeing these new characters in the game. However, the player already knows that with these characters, something will go wrong and something is definitely off with them.


The game is highly rated on Gamejolt, the majority rating being a 5 out of 5. According to the developer of the game, chapter 2 for the game is in “full swing” and the game will be coming to Steam very soon. Since the game is in such an early development phase, there will lots to look forward to for the fans to see and play.

Bendy and the Ink Machine is definitely something to keep your eye on as there will be much more content coming out for the game. Fans of horror and puzzles will love this game, so it worth checking out and watching for the latest updates and releases for the game.