The PlayStation 2, one of the most popular consoles of its time and even today, is 17 years and one day old as of today. This console was released on March 4th, 2000 and has remained to be one of the longest running consoles and the best selling consoles in history.

Even if the consoles discontinued selling in 2013, it is still one of the most memorable and successful consoles in history. It has so many classics that will always be held close by fans of this console.

Some of the popular games on the PS2 included Guitar Hero, Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, and even Sonic the Hedgehog was brought onto the PS2 after awhile for fans to enjoy there as well. The PS2 rose in popularity over other competing consoles such as the Sega Dreamcast. The PS2 also had features that gave it a head start for its time, such as a built-in DVD and CD player.

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The PlayStation 2 has sold over 150 million consoles in its time of selling, and was able to connect to more than just a controller for certain games, such as Guitar Hero. This console brought a lot to the table that other consoles had not reached yet.

The PlayStation 2 will always remain to be one of the most legendary and popular consoles ever, and it has earned that reputation, rightfully so. It brought many advancements and new aspects. Now that it is 17 years old, it is a good time to look back and reflect on what the PS2 has done for console gaming.