There are many mobile games in the Google play store that anyone can download and play. However, there are some games there that really stand out, are addicting, and definitely worth the download. Here is a list of a few of these games worth checking out.

– Hopeless 3: Dark Hollow Earth is a game with beautiful graphics and a fun concept. The goal is to save the other “blobs” and to shoot away the monsters and reach the end goal while riding in your kart. The game’s graphics are like none other, with lots of dark and eerie detail that makes it nice to look at while also having fun shooting away the monsters. Upgrades for the guns and karts are available to help the player progress in the game.

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– Jump to Up is a game with a very simple concept and simple graphics. The objective is to get your ball to jump up past the opening and closing walls and to see how high you can get. The mechanics, which is simply tapping to jump, works smoothly and with ease. This game is addictive and easy for anyone to play.


– Alpaca World is a game all about battling and collecting other alpacas to help your team fight. The game has a distinct contrast of the cute and colorful alpacas and the battling that makes it interested and fun to play. In the game, you form a team of alpacas and level them up in various areas by battling other alpacas. This game is fun and addicting for all players, and the different battle moves keeps the game fresh and interesting.

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– Roller Coaster Tycoon: Classic takes the classic RCT game available on the PC and brings it to the mobile world. It features all the classic rides, stalls, and parks that made RCT what is was, and adds new features for the mobile version of the game. If you enjoy classic games and want to relive them, then this game is for you.


These are just a few app games with very different styles that are unique and bring something fresh to mobile games. These mobile games each have their own look and style that make them worth the download!