World of Goo is a physics puzzle game released in 2008 that was originally limited to certain platforms. This game involves using various types of goo balls to solve puzzles. The art style is unique and the game has qualities that make it stand out from all the others. This game eventually came to Steam, and as of recently, is available for the Nintendo Switch. It was also brought to Wii platforms and even on mobile.

This game had an art style that was original, cartoonish, but also had an underlying tone of something unsettling to it. The soundtracks and noises in the game were also unique and even eerie and set the tone for each level you could play. For every extra goo ball the player collected after solving each puzzle, these goo balls would get transferred to a free building type world that the player could build whatever they wish with them.

On Steam, this game has a 9 out of 10 rating, which is very positive. Bringing this game to Steam really helps previous players relive this classic game, and allows newcomers to the game to enjoy a long-time loved game. World of Goo has been nominated for many gaming awards due to its success and unique style. This game brought something fresh and new to physics and puzzle games.

WorldofGoo Lead
World of Goo has an art style like none other.

When the Nintendo Switch was released just a few days ago, World of Goo was released as one of the classic games players could enjoy for this new console. Two other games from the same developer were also released for the Nintendo Switch. These games are Little Inferno and Human Resource Machine.

Over the years, World of Goo has been kept alive due to its originality and unique style of gaming that made so many gamers fall in love with it in the first place. Now that it has been released for the Nintendo Switch, it will be able to rise back to popularity even more gain even more fans. World of Goo is a classic that will live on for many years.