Slime Rancher is an adorable action and adventure indie game for the PC available on Steam that is centered around different species of slime and farming them. This game was released on January 14th, 2016 and is still popular due to the cutesy style and concept to the game.

This game revolves around farming and collecting slimes to be able to purchase upgrades for the slimes to live in. There are unlockable areas where new slimes can be collected and discovered. Each species of slime has their own particular requirements and needs that the player must fulfill.

Slime Rancher is currently still in early access; however, this game already has “overwhelmingly positive” reviews according to Steam. There have been some very recent updates that have been brought to the game. Some of these new features are a new zone to explore, a new species of slime, bug fixes, and new resources to use in the game.

This new zone is called the Ancient Ruins. This is where the new slime is located, called the Quantum slime. According to this Steam update, these slimes can form other “realities” of themselves. There is also a new source for food in the Ancient Ruins called the phase lemon tree. There will also be access to a new zone called the Glass Desert through the Ancient Ruins in this new update.


Along with this update has come new achievements and collectables for the player to find and strive for. Also, the behavior of the slimes and the efficiency of the tools used to farm and take care of the slimes and their food has also been modified to better suit the game.

The final main note to make from this update would be the bug fixes. Some of these bug fixes include issues with music, vacuuming fruits and vegetables, and the behavior and appearance of the slimes. All of the exact updates and bug fixes are listed on the Steam page for this game.


After this update was released, there were still some patches that needed to be made to the new update. However, these were fixed very recently. These were bugs having to do with the behavior of the Quantum slimes, the crystals that came from these slimes, and other small issues.

Although Slime Rancher is still in early access, it is a game worth checking out due to its adorable style and concept that makes it stand out. The variations of slimes keeps the player interested and engaged, and this game is just all around fun for anyone who loves to explore new lands and discover new things.