File_ is a combination of many genres, including horror, platforming, puzzle, and a desktop simulator. It is a game released a little while back on that has been discovered and recently played by Youtubers such as Markiplier and SomeOrdinaryGamers. I recently dove into the game myself to get a first impression on my feelings for the game.

This game centers around a girl named Raven who seemed to spend way too much time in front of her computer. She has a sister named Lenore who becomes an essential part of the game towards the end. A file presents itself to Raven on her desktop at the start of the game, which causes the entire game to become progressively creepier until the file seems to take over at the end.

The first thing I looked at was the art style for the game. It is a pixelated, 2-D styled game. The game seems to start off pretty normal before more strange things started happening that sets the unsettling tone for the game. The art style is simplistic, but that does not stop it from being eerie and creepy.


As the story progresses, the player finds out more information about the main character and her sister, Lenore. As the game begins, the player opens a file that seems ominous. Each time the player opens the file to play a platformer styled game, the game has new dialogue and new scenery. It progressively gets creepier and more disturbing until the game eventually ends on a very dark note.

The game includes jumpscares as well. The first one did startle me; however, they became expected after a while. However, these jumpscares did reveal a bit more of the plot each time. There is a pro for it showing more of what was happening in the story, but a con that it became expected and repetitive.

The game inside of File_ that the player had to play over and over could have been a bit repetitive. For the first few times the player went through this game, the layout of the game was the same. It was only the environment that changed. However, as the game progressed, things got switched up and more disturbing which made it less repetitive.


This game also incorporates various languages throughout the game which made it interesting; however, for most people would be difficult to decipher and therefore the player could have missed out on bits and pieces of the game if they either did not know the language or did not look up the language to interpret it. However, it was a unique touch to the game that made it more interesting.

The plot of the story seemed to be very cryptic and could have easily been hard to decipher. From my first impression of the game, the meaning behind the story was difficult to interpret. However, as the game went on, the story seemed to fall into place a bit better, especially at the very end.


Overall, File_ is worth a try due to its interesting gameplay, mix of genres, and its unique touches that make it stand out from other games. For the most part, I enjoyed this game and found it very intriguing. The game kept me hooked in to see what would happen at the end to each character. This game is worth a try for anyone who is looking for something new and creepy to play.