A new book from the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s, Scott Cawthon, is coming August 29th, 2017 and this book is titled “The Freddy Files”. According to the description of the book on Amazon, it will mainly discuss the “mythology, gameplay, and secrets” of the game. This book could possibly reveal more of the story of FNAF that many fans have been dying to know for all this time.

One of the main points the book will discuss is The Bite of ’87 vs. The Bite of ’83. This is one of the most discussed parts of the entire game series. The Bite of ’83 has been confirmed to be caused by Fredbear due to the events in FNAF 4. That game takes place in 1983 and the bite is actually shown through a mini game on night 5 of the game. When first seeing the bite, many fans assumed this was the Bite of ’87 that had been talked about since the very first game. However, with a bit more research, this was proven to be the Bite of ’83.

The Bite of ’87 is still a bit of a mystery. Many fans assume Mangle from FNAF 2 to be the cause of this bite because this game took place in 1987, Mangle seems be biting at the player’s head during its jumpscare, and the fact that Mangle has a broken radio that plays and seems to sound like police responding to an accident of some sort, involving the frontal lobe of the victim’s brain. However, The Bite of ’87 is still quite a mystery in the game series.

Mangle’s jumpscare as it seems to be biting the head of the player.

The identity of Purple Guy will also be discussed in this book. The Purple Guy’s identity was covered quite a bit in the newest game release, Sister Location. When first seeing the game, many signs pointed to the Purple Guy being William Afton, the killer of the children and creator of some of the animatronics. However, when seeing the Custom Night final cutscene involving Springtrap, it seemed that William Afton’s son, Michael, was Purple Guy this entire time. But how do we know this?

Looking back to the final scene from FNAF 3, we can clearly see Purple Guy being crushed inside the Springtrap suit. Therefore, it can be confirmed that the Purple Guy is Springtrap. But that leaves the question: who is Purple Guy? When watching the final cutscene of Sister Location’s custom night, we can hear a man named Michael talking to his father, William Afton, about how he cannot die and how he is going to come find him. As the cutscene progresses, we can see this takes place at Fazbear’s Fright, and at the very end, Springtrap pops up from the right side of the screen, showing that this is him speaking. Who do we see repeatedly dying through the series and being brought back to life? That would be the Purple Guy. All signs seem to be pointing at Michael Afton, William’s son, actually being the Purple Guy.

The final point that is mentioned about the book will be it discussing the hallucinations of “It’s Me” throughout the game series. The big question is, who is the person saying this? That is still a mystery throughout the series. There are many theories surrounding it, but who could actually be saying that throughout the series. Is it a hallucination, or an actual thought from the player? Hopefully this book will answer these questions.

Besides the lore that the book will discuss, it will also cover how the gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy’s works and how to trigger rare events from the game that would be difficult to find on your own.

This book will be jam-packed with information and answers that the players and fans of the game have been waiting to discover for a very long time. It will be exciting and interesting to read, and will even help newcomers to the game better understand the mysteries surrounding it. This will be a book worth getting a copy when it releases in August.