Five Nights at Freddy’s has had some of the most ominous and emotional soundtracks of any game series. Music can either make or break a game, and in this case, it made Five Nights at Freddy’s even better. The soundtracks from the game is one of the factors that tied this game together and made it what it is today. Here is a list of the top 6 soundtracks from the entire FNAF game series.

6- The Ennard boss fight song from Sister Location was calm to the point of it being unsettling. This song can be either relaxing or creepy, depending on what environment you are hearing it. If the player is playing against Ennard in the secret ending to Sister Location, then this song would definitely put the player on edge.

5- The menu soundtrack from Sister Location immediately set a dark tone for the game and showed that this game was going to be more dark and have a serious meaning, despite there being some humor within the game. This soundtrack is powerful and intense, which is the reason it made this list.

4- Freddy’s Toreador March from the first FNAF game makes the list due to the fear it brought the player. Hearing this tune after the power goes out and anticipating the jumpscare from Freddy was the thing that made this game so popular. The thrill and rush from expecting a jumpscare at a random time is what FNAF became known for.

3- The Good Ending soundtrack from FNAF 4 was sad and left mystery for the player to wonder what would happen after. This song concluded the crying child’s life as Fredbear spoke to him, apologizing and saying he will put him back together. This soundtrack is very quiet, calm, but can be rather depressing. This soundtrack took the fear and scare factor from FNAF 4 and added emotion and heart into it, which is why it made this list.

2- The soundtrack from the menu of FNAF 3 is creepy and has mechanical sounds to it, which makes it interesting to listen to. It sets the tone for the entire game, which makes it the perfect soundtrack for this particular game. When this soundtrack is accompanied with the sight of Springtrap on the screen twitching, it sets the mood for the entire game.

1- The Good Ending theme from FNAF 3 is one of the most emotional soundtracks from the game series. This song represented closure as the souls of the children were released and finally were able to go into the afterlife. This song is beautiful and has a powerful meaning to it for the game. That is why this soundtrack is number 1 on the list.

We can hope there will be a new game to the series, which could lead to more answers and even more beautiful, powerful, and creepy soundtracks to add to the list. As more games come out, the soundtracks seem to take on more meaning and have a bigger significance to setting the tone for the games. Hopefully we can look forward to new games and soundtracks coming out for the FNAF series.