Hollywood Undead has recently revealed a cryptic teaser featuring the masks of the band members. But what could this teaser mean? Could this mean a new album from the band? There are a few theories surrounding what this could possibly mean for the band.

The first theory is that the band is getting new masks. Considering the mask designs have changed over the years, this could possibly be what this means. It would be exciting as well to see the new designs of each band member’s mask. However, this is the most likely theory next to the other most popular theory.

The second theory that fans have made is that there is a new album coming out. The band has not released an album since 2015; however, they have been very active over this span of time. This is a very likely theory. This teaser could represent the band getting new masks and a new album coming out at the same time. Some fans have even leaked videos of the band working in the studio, so this is very possible that a new album will be coming out in the near future.

The last main theory is that the background music in the teaser is a hint to a new song coming out. Perhaps this music is the instrumentals for a new song that will potentially be released for a new album. This is also a very possible theory.

Some fans have speculated that this teaser means the band will be ridding of their masks; however, this is not likely at all because there is no true evidence supporting this theory. The band’s masks are iconic, so what would make them suddenly ditch the masks?

This teaser has been shared on Facebook and other social media platforms. There is lots of hype about what could be coming next for Hollywood Undead, and only time will tell what the band has in store for us.