Robin is a short but meaningful game available for the PC on This game shows what it is like living with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The player has 3 days to pick and choose what the main character, Robin, will do over the weekend. However, no matter what the player decides on, there will never be a perfect ending where Robin has energy to get everything done. This is the reality of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome that the game is trying to portray. There are 3 different endings to the game in total.

The art style features delightful cartoons and pastel, bright colors; however, this is a contrast compared to the meaning of the game and how a person with this condition would feel. The art style seems to portray how the rest of the world feels compared to Robin, who is dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The art style, however, is beautiful and is able to tell the story of Robin and her condition.

A game does not have to be long in order to successfully tell a story. Robin is a perfect example of this. In just 3 short in-game days, the developers told the story of the life of someone who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Sometimes a short game can work more efficiently to tell a story and spread a message because the game will be more impactful and stick in the player’s head for longer.

Not every game needs a realistic or complex art style to convey a message as well. In Robin, the art style is simple; however, there were changes in Robin’s face throughout the 3 days of the game that assisted in portraying the life of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The bags under Robin’s eyes and the look of loneliness was enough to tell the story and the emotions she was feeling in the game.

Overall, this game tells a story in the most beautiful way possible in a short amount of time. It is eye-opening and raw and jam-packed with emotion from start to finish. Robin is worth a try for anyone looking for an emotional journey.