The Universim is a world simulator available on Steam where the player is able to control an entire world and form a population in the various biomes and environments of the world. It is currently only available in a demo that was released in 2015; however, the full game currently being worked out and will be released in the near future.

Over the span of 2016, the development team of The Universim has reported implementing more features that will make the process of finishing the game quicker. Hopefully, this game will continue to vastly grow and expand over the course of 2017.

What makes this game unique compared to other simulator games is the access of the entire world instead of just an area or a community. The player is able to zoom out to see the entire world they control, and are also able to zoom in as close as to see every detail of the ever-growing population and community that they are expanding upon.

More features will be coming as time goes on; however, there are still basic needs that the people living in the world need such as water, food, houses, and medical care. It is the player’s job to make sure all of this is taken care of and provided for the people living on the planet.

It is exciting to know that so much more will be discovered when the full game is released. Even if there is not an exact release date yet, this is sure to be lots more to come for the game and its development. It is looking up already as there are mostly positive reviews on Steam for just the demo itself.

Overall, The Universim has lots of potential to be a game jam-packed with adventure and fun. From the looks of the demo, this game will be intriguing and successful at its completion. It is a demo worth checking out and a game to watch out for when the development is completed.