Super Mario Run is a new game released on the app store for mobile devices that has an interesting mix of old and new. It brings in elements from the classic Mario games while borrowing styles from other mobile games on the market. It has its pros and cons; however, it is a simple and fun game to play. There are many features in the game besides the main story, but we will just be focusing on the main gameplay here.

The premise of this game is to go through and complete the classic Mario levels, but with a twist. Mario continually runs, and the player’s job is to move him throughout the level without stopping. The levels look like the classic Mario games with vivid colors, smooth animations, and overall lively feel. It also sticks to the original plot of Mario saving Princess Peach. However, Super Mario Run borrows elements from other popular mobile games such as Temple Run where the main protagonist is always moving and it is the player’s job to guide them throughout the level quickly.


The player is able to connect to their Nintendo account as well, which is a really neat feature. However, if you are someone who does not have an account, the main levels are easy and free to play. This is a definite positive, as setting up an entire account just to be play a game can be a bit much.

When I first entered the game and started the level, the first thing that caught my eye was the beautiful graphics and smooth animations. This is one thing Super Mario Run is on point with. The vivid colors, lively background, and familiar scenes help the player more easily connect to the classic Mario style. However, if you are familiar with other mobile games such as Temple Run, it is easy to learn the controls to this game as well.

The convenience of only having to tap the screen to control Mario makes the game easy and efficient. It is one of my favorite features of the game. Since Super Mario Run is so fast-paced, having the ease of only having to tap the screen for the control makes it enjoyable helps to be able to appreciate the other elements to the game as well.

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There is only a couple of true issues I found with the game, and one of them is the loading time in between levels and scenes. Having to wait such a long time to play such a short level can become frustrating and difficult. Pair these long loading times with random “data downloads” that take even longer can make any player a bit impatient. If this feature was to be worked on, this could potentially be a top notch game.

One last critique I would offer to Super Mario Run is the length of the levels. Most of the levels are very short, and can be completed very quickly. Since the game is already so simplistic, this can make it almost too easy for player. A short level accompanied with a long loading screen time can leave the player waiting for a level to load more than playing the game itself.

Despite these few complaints, I found Super Mario Run to be very enjoyable on the go. It is a game that any Mario fan can take with them and play at any time. Certain qualities such as sticking to the classic Mario roots makes the game more relatable and fun. Considering the game is free, it is surely worth the download.