Narcosis is an underwater horror game released on March 28th, 2017 on Steam. The game is mission-based mixed with exploration and fear. A diver in an underwater suit must survive and find his way back to land after underwater shockwaves threw him and crew for a loop and left them in the deep depths of the ocean, even killing his fellow crewmate.

The first thing that truly caught my eye for the game was the noises and the atmosphere. As soon as you start the game, there is an aura of darkness and the feeling that something is wrong. It sets the tone for fear like how a good horror game should. The noises in the game make your stomach twist when it is paired with the darkness of the underwater depths. The atmosphere is one of the best features in the entire game.

The graphics in Narcosis are beautifully executed and set the darker tone for the entire game. The underwater rocks and structures are gorgeous compared to the panicked feeling of fear and death looming over the player’s head. The style and graphics of this game are a job well done.

Missions are a big part of Narcosis, and the missions in the game are exciting. Having to watch the main character’s oxygen levels and having the risk of so easily dying to the underwater depths is enough to put any player in a fearful and panicked state. The controls and animations are smooth, and everything seems to work very well together.

Narcosis could easily be compared to Subnautica in many aspects. They both are underwater survival games. However, it seems that Subnautica is more of an exploration survival game while Narcosis is more closely tied in with a storyline and missions. Both games have an underlying tone of horror, but Narcosis’s feature of horror is more prominent than Subnautica’s. The up-front style of horror is what really separates Narcosis from Subnautica.

My favorite aspect of Narcosis overall is the atmosphere and vibe in the game. It was such a unique experience compared to other underwater and horror games. Combining them in such a way made it a one of a kind, thrilling adventure. Having a plot also sets the mood and helps the player to more easily relate to the storyline. Right from the get-go, this game gave me unsettling vibes. Seeing the crewmate struggle to breathe and die in the beginning was a great way to start the game with a bang. I applaud the developers for starting the game in such an intense way, because it put me on edge from the very start.

Narcosis is definitely worth a try after experiencing it for myself. The game is a rush and an experience like none other. If you have a fear of the ocean or just enjoy horror or underwater games in general, this could really give you a good scare and a new adventure to embark on.