Intellivision was a game release in 1999 for the original PlayStation. It was quite a throwback, featuring 30 classic Intellivision games. These games came from the original Intellivision console, released in 1979. At the time, its biggest competitor was the Atari. For the PS1, this was a throwback since the PS1 version of Intellivision was released in 1999. As of today, they are all a blast to the past. Here is a few of my favorite games from the PS1 version of Intellivision.

One of my top favorite games was Frog Bog. The game featured two frogs sitting on a lily pad, and the objective was to consume more flies than the other frog. There was a single-player and multiplayer option as well. Another interesting feature from the game was that the screen would change from day to night as the rounds progressed. Frog Bog was a fun, simple, and competitive game for two players to enjoy on the PS1.

Another game I enjoyed a lot while playing the PS1 Intellivision was Shark! Shark! It was a survival game where the player was a small fish in a big ocean, fighting its way to survive against sharks and other bigger sea creatures. It also had a one or two player option, which allowed for multiplayer fun. For the PS1, this was a fun game to play and was one of my favorite growing up due to the thrill of surviving in a fast-paced ocean environment.

Space Armada was another game that I played a lot throughout my years and one that was most memorable for me. It had a Space Invaders vibe, featuring the player battling aliens to defend planet Earth. I also enjoyed Space Invaders, so this was a must-play for me growing up. It was a game with colorful characters, which also drew my eye in a positive way. It was an overall intriguing game for me and a fun one to play on the PS1.

The final one I will mention, and my favorite game out of all of them, is Snafu. This was a game with simplistic graphics and an easy concept, but gave the player quite a challenge. The players were lines that would progressively grow, and the objective was to close off the other players so they would touch your line and be eliminated. Despite the simplicity of it, Snafu was a fast-paced competitive game that made for hours of fun.


If you look back at every one of these games, they are all a genre of their own that is still popular to this day. Survival games, shooter games, and competitive games are all some of the most popular genres to this day. These Intellivision games were only setting the stage for more recent, popular games to come in the same genre.

Having the PlayStation 1 do a throwback game to these Intellivision titles was really special and heartwarming for many classic gaming fans such as myself. Looking at these classic games helps gamers to appreciate where the more recent, popular games started at. It was only the beginning for gaming, and it sure has come a long way.