Planet Coaster is an amusement park simulator for the PC that is available on Steam. It was released in late 2016, about the same time as its competitor, Roller Coaster Tycoon World, and it seemed to blow the competition away. With an overwhelmingly amount of positive support from the fans, Planet Coaster has been able to develop and flourish in a short amount of time. There will be some updates coming on April 11th that will keep the game growing and improving at a steady rate.

One of the biggest updates that was announced in mid March was that crime would be implemented into Planet Coaster. It will include vandalism, pick-pocketing, and messes that will need to be cleaned up by staff. Adding crime will give the game a sense a realism and give it a leg up against its competitors.

Another update being added will be that the size of the blueprints for a park will go from 2,000 pieces to 4,000 pieces. This allows for double the amount of attractions and scenery than the game previously allowed. This, once again, is a huge improvement.

There will also be seven new attractions coming in April, which is thrilling and intriguing. There will be rides from a swinging suspended roller coaster, speedy go-karts, even some classics like a Big Wheel. Adding a bit of everything from every genre of ride allows for diversity when building rides for the park.

All of these are coming on April 11th, along with some updates that have been presented at PAX. It will be interesting to see which direction Planet Coaster goes in 2017, but with the amount of support it has received ever since its debut, hopefully it will keep growing to greatness. These updates coming are surely something to keep your eye out for.