Bewilder House is an indie horror game featuring clowns, puzzles, and strategy. It is available on Gamejolt and was released in 2013. It took center stage when Youtubers such as Markiplier played and reviewed it. Here, I wanted to take a look back to review the pros and cons of it, and to appreciate the factors that truly made it a one of a kind horror experience.

Going into the game, the art style is a bit different for a horror game. The player has been placed in a funhouse and is trying to escape. However, there is a killer clown chasing after the player during their escape. The movement of the clown is similar to that from the Slender games: when the player looks away, the clown moves. Bewilder House also incorporates puzzles which adds another layer of challenge.

Looking at the art style and atmosphere, it suited the game very well. It is refreshing to see when a horror game steps out of the box and adds an atmosphere or aura that is original and separate from many other horror titles. I personally enjoyed the aspect of having the player escape from a terrifyingly colorful funhouse.

The puzzles, on the other hand, were a bit confusing and too challenging after a while. I understand that the idea of a funhouse is to be wacky and confusing to the eye; however, gaming wise, it could have been a bit too much. But I do love the idea of having puzzles and being chased by a clown at the same time in a game. It adds a new layer of difficulty for the player.

The jumpscare for the clown was startling at the beginning and made for a good scare. After a while, it did become a bit repetitive. However, the clown itself had a menacing appearance that made for an overall frightening and unsettling tone. I personally loved the concept of the clown chasing you down and only moving when the player looked away.

The final verdict is that Bewilder House is a fun but scary games for those who love a mix of horror and puzzle solving. It has qualities that makes it one of a kind, and I truly appreciate that in any horror game. Many horror games can seem to blend together and seem a little too similar; however, the developers of Bewilder House made sure that this was not the case. I applaud them for creating a game that had me on the edge of my seat while having to solve a puzzle to save my life.