Note: Swordyswords is my boyfriend and a long-time gamer and game developer. I decided to interview him due to his extensive knowledge of programming and game development, and felt that he could give me and the readers an insight when it comes to the game development process.

As a gaming journalist, I am always interested in the process and development that goes into making video games. It is important to understand where a game has started to get it to where it is today, and who the person is behind all the hard work for the game development. I got a chance to interview Swordyswords, a 3D modeler and game developer to get the inside scoop of his most recent project and what a game developer goes through to get their games to a successful level.

Swordyswords uses Blender 3D to model all the graphics, scenes, and characters for his games. He develops and creates his games using Clickteam fusion programming. He has created games such as Walking with Her and Bringback.entertainment. His gaming focus is on horror and adventure.

I started off by discussing his most recent project that he will be unveiling to the public. He revealed that the newest game will be called, Ceru: World of Paths and it will be an action RPG that takes inspiration from a new release, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The game will center around a miner who lost his memory in a mysterious world, and is exploring these new lands in order to escape and return to his home. This is something exciting to look out for in the future from Swordyswords.


I also asked about what his favorite genre was of games to play and create, and he responded with, “Action, RPG, and strategy games are my favorite because you feel connected to the characters and saving them. You understand the characters, and these games also have good plots and lore.”

Swordysword’s favorite game he has ever played is Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. He said that he was inspired by the aspects of “the environment, music, and the open-world style of the game.”

Since he uses Clickteam fusion programming for all of his games, I asked him what introduced him to this particular program. He told me that it was about the time FNAF 3 had released, which was back in 2015. This game had been made in Clickteam, and he took inspiration from this. Fan games had been dropped with FNAF as the focus, and Swordyswords wanted to make one of his own. Therefore, he had Clickteam as his first choice.

When I asked what his main focus is for him when creating a game, he said that he is a firm believer in entertaining an audience. Another important aspect is making sure that the developer is satisfied with the creation. He also appreciates stylized graphics in a game, and focuses on creating that. The final focus he brought up was about good programming. Swordyswords states that, “A good game with bad programing is ultimately a bad game.”

Swordyswords revealed that his favorite game he has ever worked on is Ceru: World of Paths. He admitted that this game is the one he has had the most fun creating. When I asked for any final thoughts, he stated, “The most important thing a game developer should do is simply have fun. That is the most important part when creating a game.”

After conducting this interview with Swordyswords, I feel that I have more of an insight to what game developers see when creating a game that will satisfy an audience of gamers and fans. It is helpful for any gamer to understand and appreciate the hard work that goes into making this successful titles.