IMSCARED is a first-person pixelated horror adventure game that brought something fresh and new to the table for the horror genre. It became available on Steam in 2016, but was first released in 2012. Today we will be covering the original version that released in 2012. It is all about finding keys and solving puzzles to find the exit door in order to escape the nightmare. IMSCARED has a lot of positive qualities that make it a stand-out game compared to other pixelated adventure horror games.

The main enemy and the icon of the game, White Face, adds to the experience of fear and being unsettled. Having this character chase you and loom over you while attempting to find the escape adds to the experience and challenge of this adventure. It makes the game a bit more story-driven and focused compared to other similar types of games.

When it comes to the art style, it is simplistic, which suits this game particularly well. I found the art style to be fitting and to add to the feeling of something being off in the game. It allows the player to focus on the mission without getting too distracted by overly-complex graphics. There is not too much gore within this game, which is a good thing in this case. However, there are some spots of blood which add to the feeling of fear that was trying to be achieved.

The music and ambience adds to the creepy factor. The sound of being ambushed by the white face in the introduction to the game and the music afterwards start the game off in a rather intense way and throws the player right into the mix at the start. The sound effect used in this game truly work to its advantage.

There is lots of puzzle-solving and finding keys to escape the nightmare that makes the game the right balance of scary and challenging. It is not too extremely difficult; however, it does present a challenge for the player to solve. It is a good balance, in my opinion. The chase scene where it is the player’s job to run over all the arrows on the ground and escape the room while being hunted down by the white face is a fair balance of terrifying, exciting, and puzzling. IMSCARED involves plenty of deception, trying to trick the player throughout the experience. This is something that really adds to the entire game and makes it one of a kind.

The original release to IMSCARED was intense and exciting. It had the right mix of puzzles, horror, and adventure that made it a stand out from every other game. Since the release on Steam in 2016, there have been some notable changes to the game, such as the way the rooms look and the challenges presented to the player. However, the original 2012 IMSCARED will always have a special place in my heart.