Exciting news has come for both Minecraft and Nintendo, and it is that Minecraft will be released for the new Nintendo Switch on May 11th. It is exciting to see all the new games that are being released for this console, and this is a perfect game to be released for the Nintendo Switch. It will be a huge benefit for both Nintendo and Minecraft.

There will be a very special mash-up pack that comes along with the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft, and that is the Super Mario Mash-Up pack. There will also be other features that console players already know about and are familiar with. The fact that a Mario mash-up pack will be included is an awesome feature for Nintendo fans, since this is such a prominent character and game franchise for Nintendo. I think it is a wonderful and exclusive feature for Nintendo fans. It’s an awesome reference to where Nintendo started and what has been their icon for so many years.

One main feature that will be unique to the Nintendo Switch is that up to 8 players can join together in a map online and up to 4 can locally join to play together. This is exciting and great news for Minecraft. This is stepping it up for the game and taking it to the next level.

For fans of Minecraft and the Nintendo Switch, this is a perfect union. Having the reference to Mario, one of the icons for Nintendo, is awesome and a really special feature for long time Nintendo fans. The new features and the number of players allowed in a server is also a step-up for Minecraft. It will be exciting to see its release and all the new features that will come along on May 11th when it is officially released. Watch out, Minecraft its on its way!