If there is one things Five Nights at Freddy’s is excellent at, it is incorporating in-game secrets and easter eggs for players to discover. Throughout each game, there has been a plentiful amount of hidden secrets to discover. In this list, I will cover my favorite secrets and easter eggs from the main FNAF game series.


 In the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game, Golden Freddy can very rarely be spotted on a poster replacing a Freddy poster on one of the security camera. After seeing him in the camera, he will appear slumped over inside of the office, and then jumpscare the player. Following that, the game will immediately crash. This was one of the first and most major secrets in the FNAF series. It left so many questions for players to try to solve when FNAF first came out. It was significant in the time that FNAF 1 was released.



 During a mini-game in between nights in FNAF 4, the television could be turned on in the living room to reveal a show called, “Fredbear and Friends.” It is also dated in 1983, which a crucial clue to the FNAF story. This simple secret revealed the year this game took place, and the bite at the end of the game is the “Bite of ’83” and instead of the “Bite of ’87.” This helped clear up lots of mystery for the FNAF timeline.


There are hidden mini-games in FNAF 3 that can lead to a completely different ending, The Good Ending, within the game. There are hints in each mini-game between nights that lead the player to figure out how to access these secrets games. When completing these hidden mini-games in the right way, it will lead the player to The Good Ending. This allows the player to change the fate of the souls of the dead children, which is very important helps give these killed children closure. It is an emotional and touching experience for the player.


There is one mini-game in Sister Location, and when the player completes it correctly, it can lead to a different ending in the game and a piece of the story solved. When listening to Baby talk, she discusses being on stage only once, making ice cream, and hearing the screams of children. In this mini-game, the player must solve a puzzle to get every child to receive ice cream. When finished, the player must head back to the start. When they do, they are greeting by a little girl. However, things take a turn for the worse when Baby lashes and kills the girl accompanied by a horrifying screech. This reveals how the little girl in the game is killed.



 The final secret/easter egg I will discuss is the Fake Ending in Sister Location. Following the ice cream mini-game, the player will receive an access card for the secret room. On night 5 when Baby is guiding the player through the dark, the player must go directly forward and to the right to enter the secret room. It is in the style of FNAF 1 with two doors and being in one position without moving. The objective is to keep Ennard out of the room until 6 am. Inside the room, the player can type, “1983” on a keypad to see the rooms in FNAF 4 on TV monitors in the room. There are many clues, including this one, that can lead players to believe that Sister Location occurs in 1983 as well. After beating Ennard, a cutscene plays revealing that Ennard followed the player home and into their house. All of this will lead the player to achieve The Fake Ending.

There are many more easter eggs and secrets in the FNAF games, but these are some of the significant in the series, in my opinion. They have revealed lots of information for the Five Nights at Freddy’s series. This series of games certainly knows how to keep the mystery going for the plot in each game, and that is truly one of the best parts of the series as a whole.