Slender, a series of games based off of the popular horror icon Slenderman, has had many games made after the original. However, many of them have seemed to be clones, unoriginal, and uninspired. They do not have anything that makes them new and interesting. They do not even have connections to make them a throwback game. However, I have found a game that is a major throwback to the original Slender games, and it has updated them to make them even better. This game is Slender: Adrift.

Slender: Adrift is available on Gamejolt and is currently in early access. However, it has many components that make it a major throwback game as well as something different and new. The objective is the same as most Slender games, to collect the pages and escape the forest. However, in Slender: Adrift, many of the building layouts and structures are the same, but renovated in HD and made to look even better than the originals. I applaud the developer for keeping many of the original aspects that made the Slender games have their start.

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The concept of seeing and hearing the static is the same in both the original Slender games and Slender: Adrift. The jumpscare of Slenderman is almost the same in both games, but with some minor differences, such as the color of the backgrounds in the jumpscares. These features being similar truly makes this a throwback game for Slender games and allows them to relive a classic game all over again.

The amount of pages the player collects in the Slender: Adrift demo and the classic Slender games are a bit different. In the original Slender games, there were eight pages to collect. In Slender: Adrift demo, there are five pages to collect. This makes the pace of the game pick up quicker and more intensely, which can be a good thing. I do personally enjoy this.

Having a throwback game that is more than an unoriginal clone is intriguing and exciting. I always love to see a game that reflects on where the series first started. Slender: Adrift has done this for the entire Slender series. The developer was spot-on with recreating the original games. I enjoyed this one very much and I appreciate how well it represented the roots of Slender.