One of the most famous types of games at the arcade are the claw machines. The simple concept quickly can become addictive and can end up having players spending lots of money at the near-impossible chance to win a prize such as a teddy bear or candy. Considering so many things are turning to technology, the ease of playing on a claw machine has come to mobile devices along with most other arcade games. Today, I decided to take three claw machine games from the app store and put them head to head to see if they can live up to the legendary claw machines I grew up with.

The first claw machine I played was called Clawbert. It had a very distinct art style that attracted me to it. It was cute, simple, and pastel. Going into the game, I feel in love with the innocence that Clawbert presented. The objective is to pick up eggs using the claw machine and to open them to see the prize inside. There were also some tasks to complete. However, I do have some critiques. It seems to have little to no challenge. There was no chance of dropping the eggs, so there was no thrill or extra effort needed to play the game. The only challenge was waiting for each individual egg to hatch. After capturing an egg with the claw and dropping it off, the player has to wait at least 20 seconds for each egg to open. The eggs can at first be opened one at a time, so it quickly becomes a frustrating experience. Overall, it has a cute concept, but presents little to no challenge for the player.

Prize Claw
A game called Prize Claw has been in the app store for quite some time now, and after playing it, I can understand why it became so popular and stuck around. The 3-D, vibrant style is enjoyable to look at. There is the challenge of trying not to drop the prizes, and to complete the missions to move forward. Prize Claw even has upgrades and power-ups, such as bombs that can mix up the prizes in the machines and better claws that the player can purchase with their coins. The only waiting time is to be able to collect more grabs. This can be time-consuming, but is worth it with how addicting this game can be. It has so many interesting aspects for a claw machine game, and it is one that I truly enjoyed from my experience.

Claw Machine Prize Circus
The last claw machine game I tried was Claw Machine Prize Circus. I encountered multiple problems when playing it through. Some of the buttons that were unnecessarily large covered up other important buttons in the game. Therefore, I could not get very far. It was laggy and glitchy. For example, the claw glitched and clipped into the drop-off area. It was frustrating for me to try to play. Even if the game has good ideas, such as a line to help guide you to objects and the challenge of dropping objects as well, it had way more unlikeable features that even hindered me from moving forward in the game.

The final verdict is that these claw machine apps are a mixed bag. Some are right on the money with their ideas, while others fell flat. Out of these three, Prize Claw was my favorite. It kept me entertained and had the addicting aspects that true claw machines possess. Having the convenience of being able to play claw machine games from the comfort of your home is an innovative and neat idea, it just has to be executed in the right way.