Very recently, we have been allowed to get a sneak peek of what the Green Hill Zone stage for Classic Sonic will be in the upcoming game Sonic Forces. It is exciting to see what is coming up for Sonic Forces. There has already been so much hype for this game, such as a new mystery character that will be featured in this game. It seems that Sega is really trying to build hype for this game, and it is working. We will analyze these pictures of Classic Sonic’s new Green Hill Zone to see its pros and cons.

Everyone is used to Green Hill Zone being flat and 2-D; however, it has been brought into a new 3-D light for Sonic Forces. There are a few differences separating the original Green Hill Zone to the Sonic Forces version of it. In the original Green Hill Zone, water was a huge danger for Sonic. In the Sonic Forces version, it seems that the water has been replaced with sand. I would have loved to see how the water would have looked in a 3-D version considering the graphics for Sonic Forces are so beautiful and impressive. The sand is quite a change from the original version and gives it an entire new look.

It seems that the original robot enemies from Dr.Eggman have remained the same, but have been redone to fit the 3-D style. I must say, they look wonderful for the game. The only issue is that the fish enemies, as shown in the picture below, do not seem to make sense considering all the water has been replaced with sand. It will be interesting to see how all of these new mechanical enemies turn out for this stage.



The background to this version of Green Hill Zone has changed a bit, when it comes to the board and signs in the background. The new Green Hill Zone almost reminds me of some sort of desert. I miss the ocean and waters theme, but perhaps it will turn out wonderfully and the change will be refreshing.

The green grass and checkered pattern is the same as the original Green Hill Zone, which is a great thing in this case. It gives me nostalgia to playing the classics years ago and enjoying these levels in the games. Perhaps a little change of scenery in others ways, such as the sand, won’t be as bad as some fans are making it out to be.

This version of Green Hill Zone has not been taken very well by avid Sonic fans. They feel that Sega could have used another stage other than Green Hill Zone since this one has been used so often. They also have not liked the sand replacing the water. Reading the comments from fans has assisted me in realizing the reception this game is already receiving, even before it has been released.


In my opinion, I love that Green Hill Zone has been redone for Sonic Forces. However, I do agree that Sega could incorporate some of the other levels from the classic Sonic games and redo them to make them look amazing for the game. They could possibly be doing this, and we just have not seen it yet. It will only be fully known when the game is released and played through. I am looking forward for what is to come for Sonic Forces and the new levels that will surface.