There has been talk that Five Nights at Freddy’s could eventually be coming to consoles. This would be interesting and exciting, but there would have to be some changes to the game to make it suitable for consoles. Here, I will analyze and discuss what it would be like for FNAF to make its way to consoles.

For FNAF to be put onto game consoles, it would probably have to be made in a different engine. Five Nights at Freddy’s is made in the engine Clickteam, but for consoles, it would have to be remade in a separate engine more than likely. Clickteam has limited FNAF be in a 2-D style, so remaking it in an engine that would allow it to be in a 3-D format would be more appropriate for consoles.

The controls would have to be completely switched up in order for FNAF to make it to consoles. The buttons and controls for the PC and consoles are completely different, so redoing the controls would be quite a difficult task. However, knowing Scott Cawthon, the developer of FNAF, he would make it work and execute it very well.

We have seen what FNAF would look like in a free room 3-D style. Many of these fan games have been made in the Unreal engine, which is what I feel would best suit an official FNAF game on a console. This engine is quite impressive, with exciting gameplay and stunning graphics. Seeing Sister Location in the Unreal engine gives me high hopes that if this game was transferred to consoles, it would be amazing.

I feel that Sister Location would be the most suitable game to bring to consoles. It already has an aspect of being able to walk from room to room that the other games do not have. However, it is made in Clickteam and has to be in a 2-D format. Therefore, if this game was made into a fully free-roam 3-D game for consoles, it could truly be a hit.


It seems that moving FNAF to consoles could be a really good move. However, we have seen what has happened when these games have been moved to the app store. Some have worked out really well, such as the first FNAF game, while others have fell flat. Sister Location had lots missing in the app compared to the actual PC game. FNAF World was even removed from the app store after missing the mark so much. It would be interesting to see if Scott Cawthon could translate the well-loved PC game into consoles and make it work.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a title that has branched out from more than just a simple horror game. It has been made into books, merchandise, a future movie, and even an attraction at Fright Dome. All of them have been done successfully, so hopefully if the FNAF games are moved into consoles, they will be just as much of a success.