Minecraft has an assortment of all kinds of mobs, enemies, and bosses. They all have their own specialties and varying degrees of danger. Each kind of enemy is unique in their own way, which makes them stand out from the others in the game. Here are the top 7 ultimate enemies and bosses in Minecraft that have stood out from the rest in many different positive ways.

7. The Elder Guardian

The Elder Guardian is one of the newest bosses in Minecraft. Unlike the other two main bosses in the game, this one is based in the deep ocean. It presents a challenge by poisoning the player with mining fatigue, which makes mining virtually impossible. However, the reward for beating The Elder Guardian is worth it. The player is rewarded with riches such as gold blocks, and a sponge, which can only be found within the temple where the Elder Guardian lives. It is a newer addition to Minecraft, but certainly an awesome one.

6. The Skeleton/ The Wither Skeleton

 The Skeleton is an interesting mob compared to the rest. It is able to attack you from a long range using a bow, which is different from the other Overworld enemies. They are one of the most easily recognizable mobs from Minecraft, and have been one of the main characters representing the game. This is why Skeletons have made the top 10 list. Its counterpart is the Wither Skeleton, which drops a wither skeleton skull. Getting this rare drop is key to spawning the Wither, which will be talked about later in the list.

5. The Slime/ Magma Cube

Slime may look adorable and sweet, but watch out. They are an enemy that multiplies and becomes smaller and smaller the more you slay them. Their noises are memorable and easy to distinct from the other sounds in the game. Their Nether counterpart is the Magma Cube, which is also here as number 8 on the list. They have the same traits and qualities, the only difference is their appearance and the use of the items they drop after killed.


4. The Enderman

The Enderman is more of a neutral mob until provoked. The one thing you cannot do to an Enderman is make direct eye contact with it. As soon as the player does that, the Enderman will attack. They are one of the harder mobs to kill, but when done, they give a valuable drop: an Ender Pearl. Enderman are crucial to the game, which is why they made the list.

3. The Ender Dragon
The Ender Dragon is the first and most popular boss in the game. Defeating the Ender Dragon is how the player can beat Minecraft. Residing in the End, the Ender Dragon is just waiting for the player. It is the final and most recognizable battle in the game. Defeating the Ender Dragon leads the player to collect the Dragon Egg, which is one of the most valuable drops in the game. The Ender Dragon is crucial to completing the game, which is why it made the list.

2. The Creeper

 Of course, the Creeper had to be on the list. It is considered one of the most bothersome and dangerous Overworld mobs due to the fact that it causes so much damage and is so explosive. The Creeper quickly became an icon for Minecraft, being featured with its own toys, memes, and merchandise. The Creeper drops gunpowder, which can be used to make TNT. Due to the popularity that the Creeper has received, this is why it has made the top 2 on the list.

1. The Wither 

 The best enemy in Minecraft is the Wither. This is an enemy that the player chooses to spawn by collecting 4 soul sand and 3 wither skeleton skulls from the Nether. After spawning, it is the player’s job to defeat the Wither using both the sword and the bow. The Wither drops a Nether Star, which can be used to make a Beacon. It is a prestigious drop that is very valuable. I would consider the Wither the best enemy and boss in Minecraft due to how original it is. It has an amazing character design that makes it stand out from the rest. Its attacks are interesting and it presents the right amount of challenge for the player.

There are many different enemies, mobs, and bosses in Minecraft, but these are just a few of the best and most iconic of the game. Who do you think should have made the list?