After all the thrilling waiting time and all the built-up hype, Minecraft has finally been released for the Nintendo Switch. There are amazing added features to this version of Minecraft and it is certainly worth the buy. There are various mini games that are included in this Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft, and there are multiple ways to play multiplayer with friends in this version.

The most exciting feature to the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is the Super Mario mash-up pack that is exclusive to this console. There are texture packs and features that are only available in this mash-up pack. Along with this are lots of soundtracks from Mario and Minecraft-styled Mario characters.

To go with this is new texture pack is also Chinese Mythology, Halloween, Festive and Greek Mythology themes and texture packs. There are also many new skin packs, such as Redstone specialists, Beast and multiple battles, and Festive.

All of this is super exciting, and the hype has been built up for this game to have its big launch on the Nintendo Switch for a while now. Finally, it had its big release and hopefully it will live up to all of the excitement and hype. This is a game worth checking out on the Switch and digging into all of the new features that are exclusive to this console. Have fun mining anf exploring your way into this new version of Minecraft!