In any game, repetition can easily soil a fun and exciting game. The idea of repeating the same action over and over can make a game boring and uninspiring. Today, we will analyze a couple games that are examples of repetition gone wrong. These two games are from the Sims franchise, and they are Sim City and Sims Freeplay.

First, let’s take a look at Sims Freeplay. This game is available in the app store and is free for players to experience. It is all about raising a family to be happy and healthy. However, there are a few factors that simply ruin this game. One of the factors is the waiting time to complete an action. For each action the player allows their Sim to take, there is an extensive waiting time. This can become repetitive and make the game lose its factor of thrill.

Another aspect that makes the game lose its charm is the fact that the player has to complete the same action multiple times with various Sims. Since each of these actions have a long period of waiting time, this can make the game more painful than exciting. Minimal repetition can be done correctly and incorporated well into a game; however, Sims Freeplay is a prime example of this kind of repeating gone wrong.

The other example we will take a look at is Sim City for the DS. This game revolves around building a city for many Sims to have jobs, live in, and create a community in. However, like Sims Freeplay, repetition becomes a problem that defeats the purpose of the game. There are not many actions that the player can take within the game, so this makes it quickly become boring. The same actions and activities within Sim City are very similar, so there is not much content within the game. Even the dialogue that the guide character that teaches you how to play soon repeats themselves, so even that aspect becomes repetitive.

Repetition can be done right in a game, if its use is limited. However, these two games are proof that it can be overused and can ruin what the game is really supposed to be. There is a thin line of it being used correctly and being overdone, but when done right, it can make a game memorable and exciting. It just seems that Sim City and Sims Freeplay have used repetition a bit too much which soils the point of the game.