Five Nights at Freddy’s fan games are particularly popular since FNAF has seemed to create its own sub-genre within the horror gaming industry. However, many of these games really have missed the mark and failed to bring FNAF to life in their own way. Benny the Clown Circus World is one of these games.

I had been told about this game, so when checking it out on its Gamejolt page, I immediately recognized that there were many spelling and grammar issues within the game’s description. Despite this, I chose to give this game the benefit of the doubt and check it out anyways. The models and graphics for this game seemed fairly decent, so I figured it was worth a try.

Opening into Benny the Clown Circus World, it was apparent that the developer has attempted to recreate the opening sequence of Sister Location. However, it felt more like a copy than a recreation of the opening sequence to Sister Location. It was not terrible; however, some originality would have been preferred.

It is quite clear that there are numerous spelling and grammar mistakes in the game. Instead of paying attention to the game itself and its various attributes, all I could really focus on were trying to decipher the many mistakes scattered throughout the game. It made Benny the Clown Circus World difficult to experience  and enjoy for me.


One aspect I can give the game credit for is the voice acting. That is where FNAF fan games fall flat; however, this one did fairly well when it came to voice acting. The voices were original, which I really appreciated. Another feature of Benny the Clown Circus World that I can say is a positive are the models and designs of the characters. Although they may not have been the most original,  as they closely favor Ennard from Sister Location, they had their own interesting looks that did separate them from the main, official FNAF characters.

However, there was another issue I soon encountered when starting the first night. The amount of power left started at 1000 instead of how it typically would in other games, which is 100. The power also counted down from 1000 slowly, which left me wondering what the point was for starting the power level at 1000 instead of 100. It seemed that the power took a long time to drain, and just seemed more difficult to read for me since the number was larger than it normally would be.

Within the main office of the game, the textures on the walls seemed to repeat themselves and lack originality. Something I would have like to seen was detail in the office, but sadly, this game was lacking in that area.

The ability to be able to “shock” to defend yourself is also another copy of Sister Location, rather than a recreation. It seems that many aspects of Sister Location have been taken and almost directly transferred into Benny the Clown Circus World, which to me, makes the game lack depth and originality.

When it comes to the jumpscares, they are not too out of the ordinary. However, they are not very in your face and intense. The jumpscare noise simply reminds me of a quieter version of one of the Sister Location jumpscare sounds.

Overall, Benny the Clown Circus World is pretty rough all around, There are a lot of features that need to be fleshed out way more before another update is released. This game has a ton of room for improvement, if some of the main features were to be polished and cleaned up.