There have been some exciting releases for Minecraft, including iPhone stickers and brand new guidebooks. Almost every Minecraft fan looks forward to innovate ideas and new merchandise for the popular game, and that is exactly what has been delivered as of late. There have been many books released for Minecraft previously, so hopefully the new books live up to the hype that the past ones have created.

For the stickers, they are available on the iPhone and are animated. They come in a complete sticker pack and can liven up any conversation with a friend. Some of the characters included in the sticker pack are Steve, Alex, a Creeper, and Enderman, and many more. Some objects included in the sticker pack are a sword, a diamond, and a cake. There are twenty-five stickers in total. These are definitely worth trying out for any iPhone users!

To go along with the new sticker pack are two new guidebooks, a guide to Creative mode and a guide to Exploration. These new books will allow any fan to dive in and immerse themselves into the world of blocks, building, and exploring.

According the article on, the Creative guidebook will be split up into various sections. It will be split into three sections. The first one deals with preparation, the second focuses on decoration, and the last shows you different building guides.

The guidebook to Exploration focuses more on the survival aspect of Minecraft rather than the creative side of things. This book how to survive, build, and thrive in a world all on your own as you battle mobs and make your way to the top.

In different ways, both books could be very valuable to a newcomer of Minecraft. Even for a long-time fan, a player could learn something new from these guidebooks. They are available to be bought online as of now. The Exploration guidebook can be bought here, and the Creative guidebook can be purchased here.

New merchandise for Minecraft is always exciting for any fan, so these are certainly a must-have. This is a perfect time to release merchandise for Minecraft, as it will help boost the popularity of the game and its newly released version on the Nintendo Switch. They seem to be worth the purchase according to what has been shown online.

Comment your opinions on the new merchandise and if you would purchase them or not!