Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, has been very active in showing us new animatronic character designs on About a day ago, Scott revealed a new character named Twisted Foxy. To see this character, the image of Twisted Freddy must be brightened, and a new number code will be revealed above Freddy’s hand. Typing this code into the URL address will make the image of Twisted Foxy appear. In case you have missed the previous teasers, you can read about them in detail here. A general overview of all the teasers can be read about here, and details on the other teaser can be read about here.

This image of Twisted Foxy has a resemblance to Nightmare Foxy from FNAF 4, but much more sinister. Just like the other teasers, it is illustrated as well. Just like the other images of the twisted animatronics, Twisted Foxy seems to have bubbles and holes on him. This could possibly be because of burns, which leads us back to the theory of these images taking place after the Fazbear’s Fright fire in FNAF 3.

One theory that can now be debunked is that the new wolf character in one of the other teasers is Foxy’s replacement. There was a new wolf character revealed that was half animal and half animatronic, which can be read about in detail in the links above. Many guessed this character to either be a new Foxy design or a replacement of this character, but that has now proven to be false by this Twisted Foxy teaser.

A question that has crossed my mind is, how is this all going to fit together in the new book, FNAF: The Twisted Ones? ( This is assuming these images are related to the upcoming book. That is not 100% confirmed but seems to be most likely.) The book cover for FNAF: The Twisted Ones is of the character Nightmare from FNAF 4. Where will Nightmare fit in with all of these other twisted characters? Who is this new wolf character and where will he fit into the series? On Amazon where the book will be released and sold, there is a small description. One of the sentences in the description states, “Something twisted is hunting Charlie, and this time if it finds her, it’s not letting her go.” (Charlie is the main protagonist from the original book, FNAF: The Silver Eyes.) This could more than likely be referring to the new twisted animatronics. However, where does Nightmare fit into this considering he is from a different game?

The final twisted animatronic we are waiting for is Twisted Chica. Considering she was not included in the latest game release, Sister Location, there is a possibility she could be left out from this as well. Hopefully, that will not be the case. All we can do is wait and see what Scott Cawthon has for us in the near future.