Space Invaders is one of the most recognizable and classic video games of all time. It has had many new and modern versions of it re-creating the original arcade-style game. My personal favorite version of Space Invaders is the one made in 1999 that was available for the PS1. From its advanced graphics (for its time) to the one of a kind bosses for each planet, it had something very special and charming about it. Here, I will be counting down the worst to best boss fights in the main game.

8: Uranus Boss

Kicking off this list is the Uranus boss. This boss required lots of strategy and dodging, but was fairly easy to beat. It shot egg- shaped bullets towards the player, and then gigantic eggs in attempt to crush your ship. Each component had to shot off of the Uranus boss before it was defeated. The character design was not personally my favorite, nor was the planet, which is why the Uranus boss is here on my list.


7: Jupiter Boss

The Jupiter boss is next on my list of worst to best bosses in the game. I will hand it to them: this boss had an amazing character design and style. However, my issue is that for how far this boss was into the game, it was way too simple to defeat. Dodging the bullets and shooting down the turrets was a breeze. Once the player has a couple turrets shot down, killing the boss take mere seconds. Although it looks amazing, it may have fallen flat on the difficulty a bit.


6: Venus Boss

The one I am putting next on the list is the boss on Venus. This one resembles a giant caterpillar, and screeches while attempting to run the player over. Shooting each ball that makes up the worm-like creature is necessary in order to defeat it. It had an amazing character design and was certainly intimidating. It had just the right amount of difficulty, and it has certainly killed me more times than I would like to admit.



5: Earth Boss

Earth is the final stage in the main game, so of course, the Earth boss would be the most difficult. This boss is an icon for Space Invaders, and has always been quite rage-inducing for me, personally. The combination of lasers and missile-throwing is enough to make anyone a little angry. It is best to have as many lives as you can when entering this boss, because I can say with certainty that this boss will destroy you a time or two. While its character design is simple, the ways of defeating it are not.

4: Neptune Boss

Neptune is the second planet that the player will encounter, and the boss there definitely presents a challenge. This red-winged flying creature shoots green razor blades as the player as you must dodge and destroy the wings one at a time. There is a simple pattern once both wings are shot off that will allow you to avoid the blades with ease. It is exactly the correct difficulty for its placement in the game, and I have to say that this boss has one of my favorite designs in the entire game.

3: Saturn Boss

The boss on Saturn is extraordinary for many reasons. The combination of a giant laser, bullets, and blades allows for a taste of everything in this game. The boss soundtrack in this fight is my favorite in the entire game. While this boss is fairly easy to beat, its creativity and versatility make it one of the best bosses in the entire game overall.

2: Mars Boss

Second on the countdown to the best boss in Space Invaders is the Mars boss. In my opinion, besides the Earth boss, this is the most difficult one in the entire game. Having three enormous robots shoot multiple lasers at you isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Every time one of the three giant robots are slayed, the laser bullets get increasingly more intense. Besides the Earth boss, I have lost the most lives playing this game on the Mars boss. However, it is easily one of my favorites due to the challenge.


1: Pluto Boss

The boss taking the number one spot for the best Space Invaders final fight is the Pluto boss. This is the first boss the player will encounter. Over the years, this one has truly won over my heart and became my favorite robot alien in the entire series. This gray, yellow, and blue creature sports two large arms and focuses on crushing the player with its “snout.” As the creature becomes more wounded, it finds new methods of crushing the player. The soundtrack along with Saturn one is easily my favorite in the game. The character design, difficulty, soundtrack, and style of fighting is all perfect and is the winner of this countdown.

Who would you pick as your favorite or least favorite boss? Leave a comment down below!