Quite a bit of new information and teasers have surfaced in the past day for Five Nights at Freddy’s. The first new major teaser that was released is the one with all of the twisted animatronics in one image, revealing that the Twisted Ones book will be released tomorrow. This completely confirms that these characters are strictly tied to the book release.

In this image, we can more clearly see what Twisted Freddy looks like. Like the other twisted animatronics, he has bubbles, burns, and an abundance of teeth. They all have a striking resemblance to the FNAF 4 nightmare animatronics, but with some major differences. The characters being illustrated is one of the main factors that separates this set of animatronics from the rest.

A few hours ago, this image on scottgames.com was changed to another one, which simply displays static. I attempted to brighten the image, but could not find anything obvious. This is something completely different from what Scott has been uploading to the site in the past few days. When downloaded, the image is titled “interrupt.jpg”. As for now, there is no true lead as to what this could mean. If there is something hidden closely that I accidentally missed, perhaps another fan will discover it and we will have more of an idea of what Scott is telling us with this static image.

One of the biggest questions that have been raised at this point is: Where is Twisted Chica? It seems that in the past few big releases for the Five Nights at Freddy’s series, Chica has been completely left out. She was completely excluded from the newest game release, Sister Location. It seems she has been left out of FNAF: The Twisted Ones and even replaced by a new wolf character. Why is she getting pushed out of the game series and being replaced?

I personally was looking forward to seeing a Twisted Chica, considering her FNAF 4 nightmare counterpart had such an intense and striking character design. It would have been very interesting to see how Scott Cawthon would have translated that into a Twisted Chica version. I am still holding hope that she is not completely excluded, and she could perhaps make an appearance at some point for The Twisted Ones.

We only have a day left to wait for the big book release. As for the static image, we cannot be too sure what Scott Cawthon is trying to tell us with that. We will have to wait and see in one more day what comes of all of this.

Will you be purchasing the book? What do you think about all of these new teasers? Comment down below and let us know!