There has been a website that has recently been causing a buzz, and the way to find it is to simply Google search, “Terminal 00 Angus” and click on the first search result. However, I will leave the link to the actual website here so there is easier access to it here. Terminal 00 is something is mysterious, creepy, and unexplained. I decided to dive in and do my own search to see what it is all about. I quickly realized that there is so much content on the site, that after about 45 minutes of searching, I had only barely scratched the surface of the site. However, I will discuss what I witnessed during my search of Terminal 00.

When first entering the site, you are greeted by static filled links and ominous music. At the top of the screen, there is text that reads, “Terminal 00. Revived by the first arcent, Angus Nicneven. Sol onset…” I am not sure what this means, as the website is extremely cryptic. The second thing available to click on that will take you deeper into the site is a pink and black box. Although the page goes on much longer and deeper than that, I decided to start my journey there.

Once this second box is clicked, it leads to a new page that contains what seems to be a pink map. Although nothing is able to truly be deciphered, clicking the “map” will take you to a red and black screen. There is text that goes along with the creepy graphics and mysterious music, and it, in short, states that something called CoS is “rampant” and insists that you turn back and do not go forward. I am not completely sure what CoS is. Hopefully the next time I do a deep dive on this website, a lot of these questions can get answered.

Despite the website’s pleas, I continue pushing on further. The next page is the same red and black design, but more glitchy and with more intense music. At this point, I am starting to feel a bit worried and creeped out. But despite my feelings of uncertainly, I decide to keep going. The next page is the same, but has the word, “continue” glitching all over it. This was a bit confusing for me, as it had just told me the opposite. Out of sheer curiosity, I keep going.

After this page, things seem to take a turn for the worse. As soon as the next page loaded, I was greeted by a deep laugh. The music takes a demented, odd turn. This page is now titled “Depth-000.” You are asked if you see the truth. As for what the truth was, I was not completely sure. Hoping for some answers, I went forward in my search.

The page gave you three options, and I chose the one titled, “Grave.” I was not sure where each one was going to take me, but I certainly did not want to end the search and start all the way over. This page greets you with a random string of numbers at the top of the page. Under these numbers is text that talks about how a mysterious object had consumed all of the “others.” At this point, I am completely lost in what this website is trying to tell me. However, I can only assume that the next time I do another deep search, some of these questions might possibly get answered. When scrolling further down the page, you now have the option to basically, “look deeper and peer into yourself.” For some reason, the text also states that you are now dead, which completely baffled me.

As I decided to “peer deeper into myself,” the next page had a floating pink monster-like creature who was now speaking to you through text. It instructs you to find the 53rd dot on the page and click on it so it can lead you in the right direction. After a lot of used-up patience and counting, I was able to move forward to the next page and set of instructions.

The pink monster now tells you to click on it to receive something of worth. However, scrolling down seems to make the creature get impatient with you, and angry. It pushed you to click on him, even reappearing as to trick you into clicking on him. However, I needed to see what was at the bottom at the page. Once I finally reached the bottom, there was a single dot. Rebelling against the creature’s demands, I clicked on the dot instead.

Once you reach this point and move on to the next page. It states that it was lying about you being dead. This was quite obvious at this point, and I chuckled at the fact that I had been previously trolled by this website. It strongly advises that you do not go any further, but I persisted. The next page simply says, “Change detected in probe. Caution.”

As I went deeper and deeper, each page kept asking me, “Can you see it yet?” It quickly and got more intense and I felt uneasy about persisting at this point. It had advised me not to do so, but I needed to get to the bottom of this section of the website.

Once I had reached the end of those string of pages, it had a diamond that closely resembled the first page once again. The page told me to, “Seek out the truth and consume it.” As I scrolled further down the page, there was a smaller diamond that I was able to click. I had no choice but to select, so that is exactly what I proceeded to do.

Suddenly, I was taken back to the main page. None of my questions had been answered, and I was left speechless. What was the truth I was seeking out? What was the object consuming everyone and everything? There are so many unanswered pieces of the puzzle that I feel I must figure out at a later date. After all of that digging, I only received questions and no answers. I have a feeling that these will be solved at a later date.

This website seems to be some sort of a game. The horror aspect is on point with this website. The concept of scaring a player without using any gore, violence, or shock value is amazing, and that is exactly what Terminal 00 Angus has done. It has left me on a cliffhanger of questions that I feel I must solve in the near future. Although I do not know what the goal on the website it, perhaps I can figure that out sooner or later. The music, atmosphere, and art style put together made this a truly successful experience. It put me on edge and made me feel like something was wrong and off-balance without displaying anything horrifying and gruesome. In my opinion, this website is an odd, but amazing, success.