Minecraft has had quite a few announcements for players and fans as of late, from E3 announcements to new rules and regulations for unofficial Minecraft content creators. (This can be read about in detail here.) However, they released more news that will benefit Minecraft console players. New updates for the console edition of Minecraft is taking place right now, and there are lots of new features that players will love. All of the updates are now available for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Wii U.

Some of these updates are rather major, while others only contribute to a smaller amount of the game, but still allows it to grow. One of these updates include adding Llamas and parrots to the console edition of Minecraft, which could potentially be game-changing for players. The Woodland Mansion will also be added along with new mobs called Vindicators, Evokers, and Vex. These are what I would consider some of the most major changes that are coming along with this console updates.

A few of the more minor updates include dye-able and bouncy beds, the observer block, and the totem of undying. There are also some update changes that will improve the game’s performance overall, including a new UI engine that will save lots of memory, improving the way it runs. There will also be seven new achievements and trophies to collect while playing, and the option to change biome sizes since they are naturally smaller on console.

These are all of the updates that were announced on minecraft.net. Recently, Minecraft has truly been heading in a positive direction. Their decisions of updates and changes have allowed Minecraft to grow in a way that I personally thought would not come so soon. Their E3 announcements originally blew me away, but this decision for console updates makes me even happier. It seems that they are making significant progress to improve the overall performance and features within the game. As a whole, I am pleased with the direction the developers are taking this game. Once all of the updates are in place, I believe we will truly see Minecraft flourish and blossom into something wonderful.