Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario have always have had a bit of a rivalry in the gaming industry. Occasionally, there have been collaborations, such as the Olympic Games series, but there is typically healthy competition amongst the two competitors. This year, there are two very hyped and popular games coming out for both series. Sonic Forces is the main game that Sega is releasing for Sonic, and Super Mario Odyssey is right on its heels as competition. The true question is: who will dominate in 2017?

First, let’s take a look at Super Mario Odyssey. This game seems to be a out-of-the-box for a typical Mario game that Nintendo would release. The graphics are nothing short of amazing, and the trailer is impeccable and shows true potential for this upcoming gaming release. Super Mario Odyssey has received mostly positive feedback from its fans overall, and has seemed to be a well-liked upcoming game. This game will be released in October, so there is even more time for future teasers and criticism as well. Considering Nintendo is on top of its game in 2017, it would seem more likely that Mario would dominate over Sonic this year. However, Sonic still has quite a fighting chance in this battle to dominate the gaming scene for 2017.

Sonic Forces has been original and very promising compared to some of its past releases. Although Sega may have been the underdog for a while, Sonic Forces has proven that they are still able to hang. This game will have the capability to create a custom character, which is something completely fresh and new for the series. The graphics in the trailer as just as amazing as Super Mario Odyssey was, and this game left quite an impact from the trailer. Sega seems to really be pushing the idea of bringing classic Sonic back, as you are also able to play as classic Sonic in this upcoming game. As well as this, there is another Sonic the Hedgehog game coming, Sonic Mania, which showcases the classics of the gaming series. As a whole, Sonic Forces has had quite a bit of mixed reception from the fans. Some appreciate what Sega is trying to accomplish, while others have plenty of critiques when it comes to the direction that Sega is taking. However, this does not mean to Sonic is out of the running to take over the gaming world in 2017.

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