Minecraft: Story Mode’s first season was a hit, and season two is just on the horizon. The story gets more intense, and the plot has thickened and gotten even better than the first season. More details on season 2 can be read here. The best part is that fans are going to get a taste of season two on July 9th.

On this day, the first episode of season two, called Hero in Residence, will be played at RTX Austin. It will debut at 10am Central Time, and will also be livestreamed on Twitch. Even if you are not attending the actual event, you will still be able to watch the play-through and get an idea of what season two has in store for its fans.

Minecraft: Story Mode’s season two will be officially released on July 11th, so this play-through will reveal parts of the game two days before the actual release. Whether you are a returning fan or a new-comer, this will allow the opportunity for you to get a taste of the second season. The link to Telltale’s news story covering this can be located here.

I believe that hosting a Crowd Play and a Twitch livestream showing off the first episode of season two is a wonderful idea for the game series, and will boost its popularity. It gives fans a chance to see what the second chapter is all about, and allows them to make a judgement of whether they would like to purchase the full season or not. Livestreaming and playing a part of the game two days before allows for fans to have time to decide whether this season is worth the purchase or not.

Will you be attending RTX Austin or tuning in to the Twitch livestream to get a sample of the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode season? Comment and share your thoughts on the upcoming events!