There have been lots of updates coming from Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s, on the status of FNAF 6. If you have missed out, you can read about the first part of the update here and my complete thoughts on the first part to the update here. The main point to his update was that FNAF 6 was going to be potentially cancelled.

This morning, Scott added a part 2 to his update on the progress of FNAF 6. In this part of the devlog, he officially states that FNAF 6 is cancelled. There has already been lots of suspicion as top whether this is a troll from Scott or the truth, and this update seemed to fuel the fire of uncertainty.

Two things that Scott stated in the second part of the devlog raised some eyebrows from the fans. He lists off a number of listed points confirming things from the first part of the update. One of his points states, “No, it’s not a troll. (Would I ever troll you guys?)” Considering Scott is infamous for trolling his community of die-hard FNAF fans, this statement seems rather fishy.

The second part of the devlog that seems out of place is the last point on his list. It says, “No, you don’t have to play it. ;)” This statement would seem a little off on its own, but to add a winking emoticon truly raises question about the legitimacy of his statements.

The full devlog update can be found here. Is Scott going all this way just to trick his fans? Is this another huge trolling plot of his as a way to build hype for the next game? Comment and share your thoughts on this update from Scott!