Warning: This review contains spoilers! Read at your own risk!

Although “FNAF: The Twisted Ones” was smaller in size than its original, “The Silver Eyes”, it was certainly able to keep up and live up to the hype. This sequel seemed to take a much darker route, and left room for another book to be made after it. Even Scott Cawthon hinted on another book being in the works, which can be seen in his update here.

The premise of the book revolved around the “Twisted” animatronics and fighting them off from killing more and more people. Charlie is once again the main protagonist, and fights alongside her friends to stop these distorted animatronics. Many questions regarding the Twisted animatronics are answered, but the ending left room for many more questions that could be solved in another potential upcoming book.


These Twisted animatronics, which include Twisted Foxy, Bonnie, Freddy, and “Unnamed Wolf”, are killing many innocent civilians in order to hunt Charlie and capture her in their springlocks. They do succeed in capturing her in their grasp once, but she manages to escape. The second time, however, she is not as lucky. It seems that she is crushed by the mechanical locks inside of Twisted Freddy. As her friends are mourning her at the very end of the book, a woman that looks like Charlie walks in their direction. Everyone believes it be Charlie, except for her friends, John and Arty. This is how the books ends, leaving a big opening for a completely new book to be written in the future.

As I said, many questions about the Twisted animatronics were answered in this book. The reason they look the way they do is all in their programming. The animatronics have a chip that change the way they are perceived to the mind. So, however you would expect them to look, that’s how they are looked at from a human’s mind.

This would explain the Wolf teaser, who never was given an official name in the book. As we have noticed in the illustrated picture of this character, he seems to be half wolf, half animatronic. This is referring to the programming chip that was placed inside of animatronic which warps the viewer’s perception of that character.


These animatronics are revealed to be created by William Afton, otherwise known as Dave. Despite the fact that he was crushed in the rabbit suit, he has been at work with these devilish animatronics. He now requests to be referred to as Springtrap, which says to us that William Afton is Springtrap.

This, however, is very confusing. In the newest FNAF game release, Sister Location, it was seen that Springtrap is actually Mike, William’s son. Despite that, in the book, it is shown that William is Springtrap. This makes it very confusing as to whether the book is truly completely canon to the main game series. In my opinion, it is not completely canon, but there are certain aspects that could line up with the main FNAF game series.

The main protagonist, Charlie, has seemed to form a very different personality from the original book, “The Silver Eyes.” In “The Twisted Ones”, Charlie is very scared and on guard. Nightmarish flashbacks are a common theme for her in this book, and she seems to have a much harder time functioning than in the previous one. This type of behavioral change could come from the emotional scarring of her past, warping her personality into something much deeper and darker.

I believe that this is the reason that Scott Cawthon chose Nightmare from FNAF 4 to be on the cover of this book. Even though this character may not have been in the story physically, he was there metaphorically. Nightmares and flashbacks are a very common theme throughout the book, and having Nightmare is a representation of that. This character has never truly been in a physical form, only in nightmares. It would only make sense that he would be on the cover to represent this internal struggle that Charlie has throughout the story.



Everyone has been wondering if there would be a Twisted Chica. It turns out that there never was one made. However, the possibility of there being a Twisted Chica was mentioned very briefly in the story, but nothing more than that. Chica only made an appearance in her FNAF 1 original form, but not in the Twisted form. It seems in that case, the unnamed wolf character took her place. It seems that Scott has pushed Chica out of the picture in his most recent releases, such as Sister Location and this new book, but he has yet to reveal why at this point.

The beginning of this book truly set a dark tone for the story. Right off the bat, there is a dead body found near the school campus. This immediately let me know that this story would be a bit darker than its original, “The Silver Eyes.” The story progressed into something much deeper the more I read, and it immediately stepped up a notch and got much more action-packed towards the end. The entire fight scene was saved for the end, especially the part where Springtrap and Charlie were able to face off and have a final fight. Charlie’s death was saved for the very end, but now we are left with the question: did Charlie really die? That is something that will more than likely be answered if there is a third book in this series released.

The cover is this book is much more intense and detailed than “The Silver Eyes.” In my opinion, having Nightmare on the cover was an excellent and clever choice. I loved both book covers, but this one really suited the theme of this particular book. The teasers were a fantastic way to give us a visual of what these Twisted animatronics looked like, and made the book much more colorful and vivid in my mind when reading it. Without seeing the teasers for this book, I would have been left rather confused as to what these characters looked like.

The choice of wording and the way things are written are nothing short of amazing. The way the words are placed are smooth, fluid, and colorful. It draws me in and allows me to mentally jump into the story and feel the emotions of the characters. It’s a beautifully vivid experience that I absolutely adore as a writer.

To be honest, I could not pick my favorite out of the two books. “The Silver Eyes” was an excellent opening to this book series, and was a classic original. However, “The Twisted Ones” took a much darker road and was an exquisite follow-up that would be hard to beat. I love and appreciate them both equally, but for very different reasons. I would recommend this book series and “The Twisted Ones” to anyone who wants to go on an emotional journey and feel the true sorrow, love, and pain from these characters. It is a book series like no other that is for anyone who enjoys taking a dip in the dark side of life.