The trailer for episode two of Sally Face has been released, and it reveals to us some never before seen gameplay that helps us to visualize what episode two will be all about. Episode two will be fully released tomorrow, July 7th. The developers seemed to keep the theme and style very similar to the original, which I very much appreciate. However, there are a few minor differences that make this episode even more epic than the first one.

One major difference from this season and the last is the characters. While there are many returning characters, such as Sally Face and Larry, there seems to be a new red-headed character that we saw in the teaser picture that was originally released. The details and theories on who and what the new episode will be about can be read here. His name is shown to be Todd in the trailer, and he seems to be an ally of Sally Face’s. That was one of my theories as to who this character could be, and it seems to so far be correct.

The art style has appeared to get even more creepy and creative than the first episode. There seems to be more blood and terrifying creatures lurking in the depths of the game. In the first few seconds of the trailer, a dead body of a woman with blood splattered all over the floor is shown. I have a feeling that this episode will be much more eerie and dark than the last.

Even the music has seemed to slow down and become a bit more distorted. Overall, it just seems to have a more deep, dark vibe to it. After all, this is a psychological horror game, so I am very happy that Sally Face is taking this direction for this episode.
Some gameplay from Sally Face’s console, the Gear Boy, is shown as well. This is really interesting because in the first episode, playing the Gear Boy was a bit of a secret. However, I am very glad they are showing us more gameplay in this style for the trailer, letting us know there is more of that type of gameplay to come as well.

This trailer leaves a lot of room for episode two to grow and become scarier, and more mysterious and creative than the first one. Although the first one is amazing and set a high standard, this one can easily surpass it if it takes a more abstract, creepy, and thought-provoking turn. I would love to see something of this nature come from episode two of Sally Face, so hopefully that’s what the developers have in mind for this second episode.