The fate of Five Nights at Freddy’s is something that has been questioned in the past week. There have been a few updates on Steam from the developer of FNAF as to the future of FNAF 6 and the rest of the FNAF-related projects. The original update can be read about here, and the following update can be read about in full detail here. Finally, we seem to have a firm and solid answer as to what the Scott Cawthon is going to do with the main game series.

A post on Reddit from Scott has seemed to clear the air for this whole situation. He states in his post that he feels he cannot please the majority of his fans, particularly the Reddit community, and he describes it as “discouraging” and “heartbreaking.” He feels that no matter what he puts out for the community, whether this whole situation is a troll or not, most of the community will not be happy and content with it. Instead of focusing on the group of fans who will be unhappy about whatever decision Scott decides to make, he says he would rather put his attention towards the fans of FNAF who truly love the lore and the characters instead. At this point, Scott feels that he needs a break from the entire situation to be able to center his attention on pleasing the fans who truly care about and love the series.

After this was posted, follow-up post was made only a couple of hours later. He states that he handled the entire situation “poorly”, and states that he truly loves the community. Scott feels that his troll posts confused and angered the fandom, and a serious post concerning the future of FNAF should have been made much sooner. He seems to feel guilty about stating that unhappy fans are not true fans at all, and that criticism has to be in place for FNAF to even exist in the first place. Scott describes his previous way of thinking as a “destructive mindset.” After that, he goes on to say that he lied to us, and he truly wants to make the community happy. The closing statement in this post is, “I am no victim in this; I was wrong.”

From what I can see, Scott seems to be rather distressed about what he has said and done to the community as of late. One thing we have to keep in mind is that Scott is a human, and he makes mistakes like everyone else. At this point, it is clear that he needs a break from the main game series to refocus himself. I have stated in a previous post that taking a step back from a project can allow a person to come back even better and stronger. In this case, I believe that is what will happen with Scott. He needs some time to clear his head and refocus, and then hopefully FNAF will return even harder and more successful than last time.