Since Sally Face’s second episode, “The Wretched”, has been released, there is lots of new information to sort through and all new theories to speculate about. A summary and review of the entire second episode can be read here, but in this article we will cover a pretty popular theory circulating throughout the Sally Face community.

The main question that many fans are asking is: Who did Sally Face get convicted of murdering? This is a theme that has been present since the first episode, and we now have a new lead that could potentially solve this mystery. This game tends to flash to the present and back to the past to assist us in getting a clear idea of what is happening in the plot. The main gameplay is in the past, while the cutscenes of Sally Face at therapy and in jail are in present time.


From the first episode, we were able to gather that Sally Face was being convicted of murdering someone from the apartment or in his past. A few days before Sally’s trial, his therapist was attempting to put the pieces together to prove his innocence. However, the story of his past, which included ghosts and demons, just seems to unfathomable to believe.

At this point, we did not have much of a lead as to who Sally allegedly murdered. A few far-fetched guesses were his own mother or the lady that Charley, another resident in the apartment, was convicted of killing. However, these theories were definitely a stretch since there was not a lot of information to go off of.

However, the second episode seemed to give us a much stronger basis and lead to go off of to solve this case. In the very end of episode two, Sally’s therapist visit Larry’s old treehouse next to Addison apartments where they used to live. (Larry was Sally’s best friend in the past tense gameplay.) Larry is revealed, being called “The Ghost of Larry.” This tells us that Larry had died somewhere in the timeline that we have not seen yet. When the therapist sees The Ghost of Larry, he gets terrified and attempts to flee, but plummets from the high treehouse and dies from breaking his neck.


From this scene, it would seem to make the most sense that Sally Face is being convicted of killing his own best friend, Larry. Larry tries to warn the therapist right before the tragic fall to his death that they need to let Sally come to the treehouse to prove his innocence. However, that evidence is now buried and cannot be brought to light by any other witness.

Surely, the third episode will clear things up a bit more, but it seems most likely that Sally is convicted of slaughtering his best friend, Larry. However, we cannot be 100% sure do to crazy plot twists in the lore. The second episode was certainly an intense turning point in the story, and an upcoming third episode will surely help us clear the air as to Sally’s present dilemma.