Sally Face, an indie  psychological horror game available on Steam, has soared in popularity after being played through by many popular Youtubers such as Jacksepticeye and Ihascupquake. A second episode was recently released titled “The Wretched”, and I covered the entire episode in a review here. However, there were many questions that the fans have wondered about when it comes to the development process, the character designs, and future episodes. I was able to interview and get the inside scoop on these questions with the developer of Sally Face, Steve Gabry.

First, we took Sally Face all the way back to where it began. According to Gabry, the concept of Sally Face was originally going to be a 3D-modeled animated cartoon in 2007. He states, “I went through a lot of different styles before landing where I did.” After many years, he came back to the idea of Sally Face. This time, it had a heavy influence from 90’s Nick Toons cartoon shows, such as “Hey Arnold, Ren and Stimpy, and Rocko’s Modern Life.”

As for where the idea of Sally Face first originated, Gabry’s thoughts were, “I want to make something that feels like an old Nickelodeon cartoon but that has much darker themes and a more mature story.” Although the exact moment was difficult for Gabry to pinpoint as to where the original idea first popped up, this is the most distinct memory he has for the origin of Sally Face’s concept. After this defining thought, he recalls that he created the image of the two leading protagonists, Sal and Larry. After that, things seemed to take off and expand from there. Since the game was originally going to be a cartoon, there were more inspirations drawn from cartoon series rather than other video games.

Next, we examined the idea of where Sally Face’s character design originated from. Gabry said he wanted to create a character that was, “different from what you would typically see in the role of a main character but that was still relatable.” Another point he focused on when creating the main protagonist was to break the social norms we have created in society, such as “pigtails are only for girls.” Gabry’s thoughts on it are that, “They’re traditions we carry on and structure our lives around but never question why.”

This leads to another big point that many players were confused about when first entering the game, which was Sally Face’s gender. By using the pigtails in Sally’s character design, Gabry was hoping to allow people to question why hairstyles must be “gender-specific.” He states that, “Maybe they’ll apply that way of thinking to many other aspects of life as well.”

Steve Gabry has quite a few games that are his personal favorites, and he named off just a few to help me get a clear idea. Some of his favorites are “The Last of Us, Resident Evil 4, Heavy Rain, the Zelda series, Witcher 3, the Uncharted series, and Mass Effect.”

As for more information of the upcoming Sally Face episodes, Gabry is keeping quiet for now. Since the second episode was already such a hit and an emotional journey, things are looking up for the series. Steve Gabry helped me along with the watchers and fans of the series to get more of an insider’s view of where Sally Face began and what inspired the series as a whole. It is always interesting to see where a game’s concept began compared to where it is today, and Sally Face is no exception. This game is nothing short of amazing and I have high hopes for its upcoming episodes.