Ben and Ed was released in 2015 on Steam, and it is easily what I would consider a gaming success. It takes the simple concept of a 3D platformer and adds a dark twist with a shocking plot twist right at the end. This game was quickly noticed by Youtubers such as Jacksepticeye and gamers from all over fell in love with Ben and Ed. Recently, a sequel was released that added on to the menacing adventure. The sequel is titled Ben and Ed- Blood Party, and it helps build the wonderful reputation that the first game created.

This sequel is currently in early access, and takes on the same 3D platformer concept that the original had as well. However, the difference is that Ben and Ed- Blood Party allows for multiplayer gaming and gives the player an opportunity to create their own levels and share them in the Steam workshop.

In my opinion, this type of sequel for the Ben and Ed series is a brilliant concept. First off, it allows the developers to start over on a new game in this series with the same style, but without as many bugs as the original Ben and Ed had. Allowing gamers to connect and play the levels together in the sequel is a great idea, considering this style of game is perfect for competing with friends. Racing to finish the level in a multiplayer setting truly adds to the entire Ben and Ed experience.

The idea of being able to create your own levels are share them with other players in the Steam Workshop is something I personally love. Creativity is always appreciated, and that is a big part of what Ben and Ed- Blood Party features. Once again, this 3D platformer style of gaming is perfectly suited for a feature such as this.

Another interesting feature that this sequel has added is the ability to customize your own zombie. Once again,this allows for creativity from the player which is something I personally enjoy. It makes the game feel a lot more personal to the player.

Currently, more content and bug fixes are in the works. Recently, split screen was added for the multiplayer option, which is a bug bonus for the game. Ben and Ed- Blood Party has lived up to original game in the series, and has added onto it in a positive light. It is worth checking out because it gives gamers a chance to enjoy the game with other players, build their own levels and share them, and compete to cross the finish line first.