EthGoesBOOM is more than just a simple gaming Youtuber. He combines his voice acting and love of video games to create a channel that is like no other. He voice-acts the Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronics through “Let’s Plays” and from this, his channel has grown tremendously. Currently, his Youtube channel has over 500,000 subscribers and it is growing by the day. But how did he get his start and where did such an original idea come from?

For EthGoesBOOM, it all started back in his early school days. He states that, “When I was in primary school, I was the class clown of the school and always made the other kids laugh with my voices and jokes. I’ve always loved to make others smile and laugh.” Once he reached high school, he would spend his time recording a fake radio show on his phone. “The radio show was called ‘Zoidberg News’ and I used to do the voice of Dr. Zoidberg from Futurama, who was the host of the show,” EthGoesBOOM told me. This was his very first time doing true voice acting. However, he will never release these voice clips because he says that he, “Doesn’t want people hearing 12-year old me doing a bad Zoidberg impression.”

Later on, Five Nights at Freddy’s was beginning to blossom in popularity. EthGoesBOOM says, “I’ve been a FNAF fan since the very beginning.” He had seen the game first release, but it had slipped his mind for a while. However, he returned to it eventually when he saw many other Youtubers doing Let’s Plays and reviewing the game. This finally convinced him to check it out. He was rather apprehensive at first, stating that, “In fact, my first thought upon seeing FNAF was something like, ‘That’s a horror game? It looks stupid.’ But then I watched a few Let’s Plays and was hooked. I fell in love with the series, it was so incredibly and surprisingly scary!” After seeing the game for himself, he finally decided to purchase it from Steam. He spent lots of his time working to beat all of the nights in the first FNAF game, and says that, “I was blown away by how amazing the game was. From that point, it became one of my favorite video game series of all time.” This point in time was 2014, so he played the game in his spare time for fun rather than posting it on his Youtube channel.

However, things changed on January of 2015. This is about the time when EthgGoesBOOM started posting on his Youtube channel in pursuit of his long-term goal of becoming a professional Youtuber. He says that some of his first Let’s Plays on his channel included The Stanley Parable, The Sims 4, and Portal. By the time FNAF 2 had been released, he said that he wanted to do something to “make his Let’s Plays unique in some way.”

Since voice acting had always been a passion of his, he began to wonder what the FNAF animatronics would sound like if they could talk and what their personalities would be. “Bonnie was the first character I had a voice and personality for,” he explains. “I always imagined him being a goofball with a Southern accent and I always imagined Foxy being a real badass pirate who was angry deep down because he had been shut down and abandoned. My ideas for Freddy and Chica however were different at the time. I had imagined Freddy as the evil vengeful leader of the animatronics and I imagined Chica as a sweet girl with a Spanish accent who loved making and eating food.”

He then became curious of what would happen if the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters were to do their own gaming series on his channel, so he gave it a go with his FNAF 2 Let’s Play series. From there, his channel quickly took off and led him to where he is today. “I started doing more voices, evolved the animatronics’ personalities a bit and started making stories on the channel to get where I am today!” He says that the key to a successful Youtube channel is “creativity, originality, and something that makes your content unique which people online can’t find anywhere else.” One of his main keys to his own success is his originality when it comes to having the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters do his Let’s Plays for him.

When it comes to the characters he voices on his channel, Foxy has seemed top always be one of the most popular and loved in the series. EthGoesBOOM states that this is most likely because, “Foxy was the original ‘main character’ on the channel when I started doing FNAF voices. Back in the beginning, it was mostly Foxy, Bonnie, and BB who did videos and Foxy was usually the one who took center stage.” At this point in time, Foxy was the lead in a series he created called Fazbear Reactions, and he was the character who did most of the Let’s Play’s at the time as well. At the time, other characters in the FNAF series did not have their voice just yet.

Over time, EthGoesBOOM states that things have changed quite a bit since the start of his channel. Today, Freddy is considered “the star of the channel, as he should be.” Even though Foxy is not in the spotlight as much as he used to be, EthGoesBOOM understands why this particular character has such as appeal to his fans. “He’s either playing a scary horror game, going crazy at a rage game or almost getting killed in a dating simulator and people love watching content like that on Youtube. Foxy’s a good character because although he’s a jerk most times, he has a good heart deep down and truly loves his friends.”

When it came down to picking favorite and least favorite characters to voice on the channel, this was rather difficult for him to decide. His opinion seems to change every few months or so on a new character that he loves voicing, he tells me. “When I started the channel, Foxy was definitely my favorite character to voice. But as time went on, I got new favorites and I think most of the animatronics on the channel have been my favorite voice to do as some point.” At this point in time, he states this his favorite character to voice is Minireena from Sister Location. This voice allows for him to do “scream, yell, and be ridiculously absurd.” He says that, “Minireena is also one of my favorite characters on the channel because she’s like a mini-Puppet and has such an obsession with Circus Baby that seems a lot like a creepy stalker fangirl type of obsession, but Minireena just wants to impress Circus Baby and get recognition from her which deep down is kinda sweet.”

As for a least favorite character to voice on the channel, EthGoesBOOM boiled it down to being Toy Chica. However, he makes a point to say that he does not hate doing any voices on the channel, he is just simply not a fan of doing this particular voice in general. This is mainly because her voice is so high pitched out of all of the characters and it can be “exhausting” for him, and also can hurt his throat and vocal chords for a while.

Considering Five Nights at Freddy’s is the center of EthGoesBOOM’s Youtube channel, it would only be appropriate to know his favorite and least favorite games in the series. His favorite game in the series is FNAF 2. His reasoning is that he, “loves how the game combines the original animatronics with alternate versions of themselves (the toy animatronics) and then has them work in different ways.” He enjoys most of the mechanics of the game, excluding the music box mechanic. “I also consider FNAF 2 to have the best Custom Night in the series, although Sister Location is a close second.” He also believes that FNAF 2 has the best appearance, most interesting easter eggs, and best rewards for the Custom Nights.

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A runner-up to his favorite game in the series is FNAF World. “I know a lot of people don’t like the idea of the FNAF characters being used in a non-horror way, and that’s one of the reasons why FNAF World was disliked, but I feel like it really works in this game.” He goes on to say, “The content added in Update 2 is just the icing on the cake for the game. I love all the mini-games and adventure you go through in the Halloween Backstage. Except Chica’s Magic Rainbow, screw her. All in all, an amazing game and I would say I love it as much as FNAF 2, but it isn’t a main game series game so FNAF 2 wins in the end.”

EthGoesBOOM’s least favorite game is the series is FNAF 3, he states. Overall, he feels that this game is “underwhelming” when it comes to content and gameplay compared to the rest of the series. He explains that the idea of having only one animatronic in the game was something that he never thought fondly of. He goes on to say that the movements from the characters can become quite predictable as well. However, there are some aspects of the game that he does appreciate, such as the story, atmosphere, and the multiple endings. “I especially like the secret mini-games that you need to find hidden within the game which are, in my opinion, the best part of FNAF 3.”

Recently, it has been announced that FNAF 6 has been cancelled. EthGoesBOOM, along with most of the fans of the series, was disappointed about this news. He, along with many others included myself, kept it in our heads that this could all be one big troll from Scott Cawthon, the developer of Five Nights at Freddy’s. However, after Scott’s Steam post updates, EthGoesBOOM had decided that this was in no way a troll and that Scott was very serious about his decision. This was confirmed even more after Scott’s multiple posts on Reddit. EthGoesBOOM explains that, “While I am disappointed, I completely understand Scott’s reasoning for wanting to take a break and spend time with family. Sometimes, I need to take a break from Youtube too and spend time with those that I love so I can come back later with a reignited passion for what I love to do! I still support Scott, hope he’s having a great time and will be excited for what he decides to release next.”

Scott Cawthon’s latest Five Nights at Freddy’s release was the new book, “FNAF: The Twisted Ones.” As of now, EthGoesBOOM has not read it, but is having the book shipped to him. “I loved The Silver Eyes and heard that The Twisted Ones is even better so I’m excited to finally get it!”

EthGoesBOOM has always had an original style when it comes to combining his voice acting and love of gaming to create something very special for his fans. Getting an insight as to where he started and where he is at this point in time helps his fans, including myself, to appreciate his work even more. EthGoesBOOM is living proof that being yourself and doing what you are truly passionate about will always lead to success in the end.