YandereDev is a video gaming developer who has become famous for creating the popular game, Yandere Simulator. This game features a love-stricken schoolgirl who will do anything to win over her crush, Senpai. YandereDev works day in and day out to produce a game that wins the hearts of fans all around the globe. But where did this all begin?

According to YandereDev, it all began when he became an independent game developer after working at a video game company. He began working on all sorts of prototypes and ideas for various games. “Sadly, the response to my prototypes was very lukewarm,” he told me. “Nobody really seemed to care about the any of the games that I wanted to make. Additionally, a lot of people doubted that I would ever actually finish any of the prototypes that I was showing off.”

Skipping forward in time a bit, YandereDev discovered a model of a schoolgirl in online store. This made him wonder what kind of game would suit such a model, and his friend suggested a “delinquent simulator.” However, Yandere Dev states that he likes to “push ideas to the farthest extreme”, so his reply to his friend was, “Why stop at delinquency? Why not make a serial killer simulator?” From there, the idea of a Yandere blossomed in his head and took off.

His next step was to head to a thread and get the opinions of others on such a concept. He inquired what others would imagine a “Yandere Simulator” to be like to them. From there, he got lots of responses and feedback that assisted in his idea of creating the Yandere Simulator we know today. “Everyone was enthusiastic about the concept,” he explains. “This was a stark contrast to the lukewarm reception that all of my previous game ideas have received.”

At this point, he put all of his other projects and ideas on hold to begin creating Yandere Simulator. He added, “I had two goals: My first goal was to create a game that people would actually care about, since I was tired of working on games that nobody was interested in. My second goal was to demonstrate to the world that, yes, I really am a legitimate game developer and, yes, I can actually finish and release a video game.”

Some of Yandere Dev’s biggest inspirations for Yandere Simulator are The Hitman series and the Persona series. Some other games that had bits and pieces of inspiration that went into the game were, “Bully, No More Heroes, the Yazuka series, and also a Japan-only dating sim from the 90s.”

Yandere Dev has his own personal favorite games, and he listed off just a few. He described the reasons for why these games are his favorites as well. “I love Persona for the story, Zelda for the gameplay, and Metal Gear Solid for both the story and gameplay. In terms of inspiration, the games that have inspired me the most are games by Hideo Kojima, Suda 51, and Yoko Taro.” He goes on to say, “These are eccentric game directors whose personalities heavily influence the games they create.” These gaming directors have inspired YandereDev to let his personality and style shine through in every game he produces. His goal is to have people say within the first few minutes of playing his game, “This game was made by YandereDev, wasn’t it?”

There are lots of very distinct characters within Yandere Simulator. Some of YandereDev’s personal favorite characters from this game are Info-chan, Megami Saikou (the final rival), and Ryoba Aishi (Yandere-chan’s mother.) YandereDev reveals that, “I can’t tell you why I like them so much; the reasons are heavy spoilers for the game’s story!”

YandereDev has been through quite a bit of trial and error to get to where he is today. Although Yandere Simulator is not a finished game at the moment, it has already become a smashing success. It is a game that pushes boundaries and is like no other. It seems that all of YandereDev’s hard work and determination have truly paid off.